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Overwhelmed? Time to Garden!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (panic ‘AH’, not excited ‘AH’) That expression is exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. For awhile now actually. Lately I’ve found myself totally overwhelmed by the pressures of life. In fact…I can’t really remember a time when I haven’t felt the pressure (most of which I put on myself) to succeed, do more, be…

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Forgiveness Friday | Mind Your Business

Hey Loves! Time for another post! Apologies about the 36 hour delay :). I just returned from driving my Godson back home to Maryland. Miss him so much already! I’ll be posting more about our adventures during this past week later. But check out my Instagram (@thekglifestyle) if you can’t wait. Hehe. Sooo, I’ve got some…

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