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ROOTS | The Influence of Your Origins

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ROOTS | The Influence of Your Origins

*Grabs mic* -which somehow is found in this nook of this hill.

*Tap, tap*

Is this thing on? Is anyone out there? This pic is from the IDM Retreat last year, but it’s a great representation of what my face is doing right now. Wonder. Excitement. Curiosity. Cuz WHOA! It’s been a year. YES a WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR since I’ve posted here. Oh, I have almost 20 posts drafted, waiting to be completed and published….but I just didn’t find the time. The good news is things are changing. NOW. Not only because my time commitments have changed (I’m a full-time entrepreneur), but because it’s time I step into my purpose. Not as a YouTuber, not just as an Influencer, not even as a Blogger – but as a woman called to inspire, motivate and equip other women to be the best version of themselves. I am called to this work for such a time as this, and I’m so excited to get into it.

Yesterday I sent out the 1st of many emails to those of you who have subscribed to this here blog (you can find the online version here). It includes the latest episode of The Balcony Podcast which outlines my take on entrepreneurship and the influence our upbringing has on each of us, whether we admit it or not:

Now can I ask you to do me a favor? Let me know you saw this post or read this post! It’s critical for me because why create this content if no one reads it, right? Leave a comment below, tweet me, DM on Instagram, something! I would REALLY appreciate the feedback and the engagement.

That’s all for now! Hope you’re ready for this new journey I’m about to take you on. Yuuuup, I’m takin you with me. We in this thing TOGETHER! LOL!



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