I Define Me Tour – LONDON!

I’m coming to London Town!


How exciting is this!!!! Y’all just don’t know how much of a struggle it has been for me to get my mind around this greatness! It’s only 2 weeks away and I’m so excited to see my London Naturalistas! I’ve never been to the UK (do layovers count?) so I’m also excited to see the London Bridge (I read that there’s more than one famous bridge?), Big Ben and I really really want to hug one of the guards at the castle…or whatever. You know the guys with the hats! LOL!

I really need your help to promote the I Define Me Tour Brunch, but Rachael (IDM Co-Founder) and I decided to go crazy and do MERGE on the SAME day as well.

Yeah…we cray.


We’re keeping the conversation going! It’s just international now. :) So we need all of our followers and supporters that believe in this message of inner beauty to #Repost #Retweet and forward these announcements to their friends and family here in the US AND the UK. Our events have always done well because of friends telling friends and by spreading the word organically. If you are in London or the surrounding area buy your ticket!

I know y’all are gonna help us out right?! YES! And for that, you know since you’re basically an IDM Ambassador now, I’ll let you in on some super duper top secret information. Our next planned stop is TORONTO! Yep, we thought about other locations but we’re going to move forward with bringing this thang to Canada! :)

I pray you all have an amazing weekend. Thanks again for sharing this post and the posts you find on our social media @idefinemetour. It’s super inspirational and uplifting and we women of color so need that! Don’t we? Stay tuned Loves! Tah-tah for now!


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