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“YAYYYY!!!! No more relaxers for me!” That’s what I said when I proudly declined a touch up from a box perm my mother was fixin’ to apply to my head. I was 17 and had absolutely no idea what I was embarking on. A life of no relaxers just meant I would wash and blow dry like always right? Wrong. I was a perpetual straightener. I washed, blow-dried and flat-ironed my hair every single week. Every morning? The flat-iron would be plugged in and ready to glide down my semi-wavy, heat-damaged, half-relaxed strands.

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Eventually I saw the consistency of my wavy heat-damaged curls (not knowing they were heat-damaged) and didn’t think twice about letting them be. Fast forward 10 years later and I started to REALLY understand what “returning to natural” meant. Embarking on an international adventure (in Sudan) where flat-ironing was not a choice abruptly ended my hair care routine as I knew it. As my hair grew out, the ends of my hair were so straight and my new growth was NOT.

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The very slow process of transitioning from heat damage was filled with transitioning fails and successes.

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I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I made the decision to limit heat, cut off the damage and embrace my curls! Is this “natural” life all that I dreamt it up to be? Absolutely not. It’s better!

Over my transitioning years I learned just how versatile curly, kinky, coily hair is! I’m more in love with my hair now than I was those 5 years ago. That doesn’t mean every day of this natural walk has been easy smeasy! I have had a’many failed styles, haircut mess-ups and tragic outcomes!

Today, I am fully embracing my natural hair as an outlet for having absolute fun! I color, I cut, I try different styles and products! Here’s to more experimentation and BOLD styles. If you were to make a drastic change what would you do? What steps can you do today to #LoveYourCurls even more?

Product Used: Dove Quench Absolute Shampoo & Conditioner

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