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Weather alert! The summer has come to an abrupt end here in Dallas, and fall has set in. I must admit: Most days I love the break in 100-degree weather. The fall leaves and a cool breeze are perfect for a short walk during the day (gotta get my pedometer steps in) or having a cup of tea on my balcony over the weekend. Welp, with colder weather comes the very real need to show my curly, coily hair some attention, and Dove Hair has a new line that will do just that! The Dove Quench Absolute Line is infused with nutrients, protein, and buriti oil, and promises to:

1) Quench hair dryness

2) Strengthen the hair shaft

3) Improve hair manageability

4) Smooth the hair’s fiber surface

5) Seal hair cuticles to lock in nutrients

The opportunity to review this line came just in time for me because, as you can see, my hair was a frizz ball of dryness.


So I started off with the shampoo. It’s super smooth and smells delightful. For those of you who don’t use sulfates in your hair regimen, note that this shampoo does contain sulfates. However, even with my hair being colored, I need a sulfate-containing shampoo once a month to really clean off the build-up from all the products I use. My hair and scalp thank me every month when I get down and clear out the dirt. :) I liked this shampoo because I didn’t feel like it completely stripped my hair. It wasn’t super moisturizing, but gently cleansed and had a super sudsy thickness.

For more information/list of ingredients: Dove Quench Absolute Shampoo


Next in the system is the conditioner, which might be one of my favorites! It’s got a nice consistency (not too creamy) but great slip, as I was able to detangle the mess of frizz (see before pic above) with my fingers easily. I thought the great part of the conditioner was the slip it had for detangling, but when I went to rinse I was astonished at how moisturized my hair was! It was so soft and clean and smooth! I was impressed, to say the least.

For more information/list of ingredients: Dove Quench Absolute Conditioner 


After rinsing, I was super amazed at how soft and moisturized my hair was.


I couldn’t wait to get to the Intense Restoration Mask, because it’s the one product I keep hearing about from this line.


I can say it definitely lived up to the hype. My hair maintained its moisture, and, after rinsing with cold water, I was still impressed at how my hair felt.

For more information/list of ingredients: Dove Quench Absolute Restoration Mask

Lastly, I used the Creme Serum, which totally took me by surprise! I was expecting a clear and somewhat watery formula, but this serum was SUPER creamy. I took about two pumps for each section of my hair and applied the serum to help seal in all that moisture from the other products in the line.


After applying my styler for more curl definition, I couldn’t be any happier. This line totally surprised me. It’s the first drugstore brand that has a line that delivers on its promises.

For more information/list of ingredients: Dove Quench Absolute Creme Serum



Each of the products is $7 or less, and I would say someone with a similar hair length and a weekly wash routine wouldn’t have to restock for a month or month and a half. I should warn you, though, to check online for your store’s inventory before setting out to buy the products. I found the entire line only after going to several stores. This stuff is in high demand!


I so recommend you try this line! Instead of flat-ironing (and potentially damaging) your hair this fall, #LoveYourCurls and nourish them all season long! Dove Hair encourages all women and girls to love their curls. Download the Dove Love Your Curls Emoji for free in the App Store and Google Play, and show us how you #LoveYourCurls to help inspire the next generation. Standard data rates apply.

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