WEN Cleansing Conditioners for Natural Hair | REVIEW

WEN Cleansing Conditioners for natural hair?

UPDATE: Please read my latest post about the recent FDA announcement about the WEN Hair Care products.

It’s a weeknight, let’s sayyyy 1:22am (so maybe the morning of a weekday ), and you fell asleep watching Love & Basketball on TV (again). On the couch you wake up to hear and see an infomercial about the latest celebrity endorsed beauty or hair products….and strangely find yourself intrigued. That was me one night when the WEN Hair Care creator Chaz Dean was on my TV screen talking about a no suds product that cleanses, conditions, deep conditions and more! Yeah right! Right?! It wasn’t until I attended BeautyCon Dallas this year that I got a chance to try it.


Read on to find out how I got this super defined TWA using these WEN products!

Both the Spring Orange Blossom and Spring Gardenia Green Tea Cleansing Conditioners were among the products given to creators attending BeautyCon Dallas. Each came with a pump (YES LAWD!) to easily apply the product. About a month or so ago I decided to try the conditioners out. At first my experience was average. It was a moisturizing conditioner for sure (YAY!) and provided slip (not that I need slip for my TWA) but then….THEN I noticed the longer lasting effects. My scalp was clearer and I wasn’t experiencing my usually itchy, flaky scalp. This usually  occurs when I put off my mid-week wash day. If I cleansed twice, right after each other (like the instructions called for) my hair was even softer! Then (and this is clutch) I saw a difference in my final look. After I applied my leave ins (see picture below)!


Creamy is the best word I can think of to describe these conditioners. They don’t differ in color or texture but the smell is definitely distinct. Spring Orange Blossom is sweet and Spring Gardenia Green Tea is fresh. Both in my opinion are not heavily fragranced…light smells, which I love.


Below is just the conditioner applied to freshly washed hair – the instructions call to use a half pump of product for a leave-in. I’ve found that using this conditioner as a leave-in has been awesome for my wash n gos. I still apply very little of Paul Mitchell’s The Conditioner and a styler of my preference (usually a aloe vera based gel) to get the full definition of the final look (last picture). Also, I definitely clarify or use sulfates to clean off my scalp and hair from all the products I use to keep my hair shiny and defined throughout the week (gel, leave-ins, oils).



So, I want to know. Have you ever tried WEN Cleansing Conditioners? I’m definitely a fan!




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