Straight Hair UPDATE: Beautiful Textures #TMS

TMS Update The KG Lifestyle

Hey Loves!

I wanted to update you all on what happened after using the Beautiful Textures Manageability System (TMS) to straighten my hair. Okay so let me take you on a journey. After straightening I curled my hair with a curling wand and left my hair straight for another week. That’s TWO weeks all together which was pretty impressive. The curls fell to waves and what you see above is how it looked on wash day. I was pleased with my straight results….the whole experience was cool. I made sure to keep my scalp from flaking by applying a little coconut or jojoba oil every night I also used a little coconut oil on my ends every night to keep them moisturized.

Here is what my hair looked like when I curled it:

So on wash day I went hunting for a sulfate containing shampoo. It wasn’t easy to find one in my stash! Co-washing is the norm for me (which might be changing too, I’ll keep ya updated), but I found an old Nature’s Gate shampoo that’s for color-treated hair. I probably got it at TJMaxx or Marshall’s on the low-low years ago. Sidenote: Does shampoo expire? Anyway, I sectioned my hair as always and used a sulfate-free clarifying shampoo on my scalp, with dry hair. This helps to rid of the build up. If you rinse your hair first the water acts as a barrier and it’s more difficult for the shampoo to do its job. Just a tip, do this with a clarifying sulfate-free shampoo if you’re struggling with a dry scalp. Let me know if ya’ll would like more info on dry scalp issues. After my scalp was all tingly from the Tea Tree Shampoo I braced myself and jumped in the shower. I was nervous!

After rinsing the 1st section I used the sulfate shampoo I mentioned above (Nature’s Gate) and went IN! I wanted the system washed out of my hair….wanted my curls back. I washed once, washed again, and again and one more time with the sulfate-shampoo. Did this for each section and my curls were starting to pop so I wasn’t worried. Then I got out of the shower. I could see that my texture was a bit looser. I didn’t see any heat damage just a consistent looser curl. I wasn’t mad because I read on several blogs that it takes several washes with a sulfate shampoo to get your original curls back. The amino-acid based leave-in activated by heat really holds on. You can see below that my curls were BACK, just not as poppin. LOL! That next week I washed with a regular ole Head & Shoulders shampoo at a friends house and VIOLA! It was pretty much back to normal. A couple of pieces were stubborn, but now that I’m several wash days into it my curls have completely recovered. I was HAPPY! I mean I flat ironed AND curled my hair….all that heat and I was still curly. :) SO what do you think? Would you try this system? I think I’ll do it again. Just not sure when. Shoot the way I’m feeling these days the change I’m looking for might only happen with a BC!


TMS Update The KG Lifestyle

Stay tuned for some pretty exciting stuff loves. God is truly blessing me every day, all day. It’s hard to focus on anything negative with SO many blessings coming my way! Thank you Jesus!

Peace & Blessings,


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6 thoughts on “Straight Hair UPDATE: Beautiful Textures #TMS

  • I only used coconut oil. Any moisture would have negated the point of straight hair. But coconut oil definitely kept my ends and hair looking healthy. :)

  • collette

    hey. so during the whole process, did you moisturise and seal your hair at all? or did you solely use coconut oil?

  • B

    Yes, please provide more information on dry scalp issues. I struggle with dry flaky scalp and it’s because I have no idea how to clean my scalp and also how do I keep it healthy and moisturized between washes. I’ve noticed that an oily scalp can also cause dandruff so how do I keep my scalp clean and moisturized.

  • I’m leery… idk if I wanna try it. Plus I rarely straighten so I really have no need for this product. When I do straighten it’s very short lived because of my exercise regimen. When they come out with a sweat proof product I’ll be all in. LOL

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