Seared Cod

Grew sick of tilapia this week (NOTE: I no longer consume tilapia) so I tried some seared cod by lightly following a food network recipe. Planko (Japanese bread crumbs) are so versatile. I use them for my croquettes and to lightly cover fish or squash. Before I seared the cod I sauteed lots of sweet peppers and onions. Removed them from the pan to sear the belly side of the cod (as the recipe instructs), put the pan in the oven on 400 degrees, removed and let stand. 

I loved it. I want to try different spices next time (just did the black pepper and seal salt medley with a little thyme). If I had some fresh lemons, this dish would have really been a hit. I also roasted some asparagus and steamed some broccoli. My girls who were over for Monday Night TV seemed to like it!

cod cod1

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