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CHANGES! I’ve meant to do a slight re-branding for awhile now. I think my videos have kind of been all over place, inconsistent and unreliable. Recently, I’ve made a new commitment to do better. This change comes at a time where I feel like I’m purging my bad habits from my 20s – procrastination, irresponsibility, plain laziness. Now that I’m 30 I’m taking things to a new level. Interesting enough it took a binge viewing of one of my favorite blogger/vlogger’s content to inspire me to do better. Shirley B Eniang. If you don’t know about her you better ask somebody! Her content is clean, bright and refreshing compared to the same ole videos you see on YouTube (no shade, mine included). Shirley also introduced me to Majestic Casual, a bad azz channel featuring the type of music I LOVE – electronic, ambient type stuff.

She reminds me of how passionate and driven I was when I started blogging and vlogging in 2011. I miss the way I used to connect with you all and how SERIOUS I was about what I posted and uploaded. As, what some would call, a perfectionist I KNOW that my best wasn’t always portrayed. I lacked creativity just from going through the motions and not pushing my creative limits.

Anywhoo! Take a look at some of the new content that will be coming to my channel. Everything I post will be categorized into Beauty, Hair, Lifestyle or Health. Soon my channel will be revamped too so that viewers can find exactly what they’re looking for. So excited about this new beginning and  hope you are too!

Peace & Blessings,


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