Product Junkie?

When trying to find the best products for your hair it’s easy to become a product junkie. Even after you find a product you like, the thought there might be a better product out there looms on us. We’re here to help!

5 Tips to Combat Product Junkie-ism


Tip #1: Stick to buying products that mirror your regimen. 1- Cleanser, 1- Conditioner, 1-Deep Conditioner, 1-Leave-In Moisturizer/Styler,  1-Sealant

Tip #2: Pay attention to the labels! Make sure to take note of the ingredients that DON’T work for your hair to avoid unnecessary purchases. On the flip side buy 2-3 of a product that DOES work for your hair, especially when it’s on sale.

Tip #3: Don’t buy a new products until the product type has run out. Try your best not to get anxious when a new product comes on the market. If you have 3 bottles of a cleanser at home that works for you, wait until you’re down to one bottle before trying another cleanser out.

Tip #4: Give a product a chance! Don’t toss a product just because it doesn’t give you the expected results after the first try. Try out a product from 2 weeks  to a month to get a good idea of the product and how it behaves as apart of your regimen.

Tip #5: Product Swap. Chance are you know other women who use hair products at home. Create a list-serve or a group for product swapping. They may hate a product you love!

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