OUTFIT | Breezy Summer Day

As promised here are some shots from a picnic my Godson Jason and I had last week. He was so excited about the picnic. About as excited as I was! I grabbed some leftovers and make a salmon burger with all the dressings in a whole wheat pita. For him I made a PB & J sandwich, grabbed some string cheese, a green apple and a few of the vegan chocolate chip and walnut cookies I’d made the night before.;

summertime fashion

I take my quilt from my teenage years (I sound so old) to any beach or picnic function. It’s huge and has room for 5 plus people. It was just us this time though! I packed the book he’d picked out from the library earlier that day entitled “I’m Bad” by Kate and Jim McMullan. It was a great book about a baby T-Rex, until it got to the end. I wasn’t expecting the dinosaur’s mother to bring over a dead dinosaur for him to eat….I guess it was all about the circle of life? Anywho, he enjoyed it, which is all that mattered.


Working from home doesn’t quite motivate me to dress up, so I took this opportunity to dress up for the day knowing that this was on our schedule for the day. The weather was perfect for such an outfit for such a day – a breezy summer day!

Peplum Shirt: ROMWE

Yellow Belt: Forever 21

Jeans: NY & Company

Shoes: Express

Scarf: Gift

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