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What to do? What to give? Feeling overwhelmed? I’ve got some great gift ideas for you that are designed to impress this season. With several great gift sets from Target, I created three gifts for my three best friends! Yeah…some can’t say they have more than one best friend, so I’m feeling pretty blessed!

The challenge, however, is finding that one perfect gift for each of them. So, this year, I hacked the gift sets, took them apart and created three unique gifts for each of my friends. It’s so much easier to create your own gift that is specifically made and organized for your friends and family. People are like little melting pots of preferences; we all have layers and different interests! Thankfully, my three best friends, Roya, Kyle and Monica, all love beauty stuff and pretty things, so I pretty much pretended to shop for myself.

Target Gift Hack

I picked up four gift sets: Mane Tame Hairmergency Kit, e.l.f. Nail Polish Set, Bubble & Charm Gift Set, and the e.l.f. Mad for Matte Lip Set. I also got a set of 3 bracelets that each of them could wear. It’s the perfect touch to round the gifts out. Lastly, I picked up these cute monogrammed stocking ornaments. LOVE!

I grabbed some great giftwrapping stuff from Sugar Paper. These boxes were perfect for shipping these gifts to San Diego, CA – where all three of them call home.

Target Gift Hack

My favorite part – this where the customization comes in!  So although my friends all love lots of the same things, they have different tastes in colors, smells, etc. From what I know about my best friends, I chose different colors and smells I thought they’d like.


Target Gift Hack

I chose chic colors and a cute red lippie for Roya. She loves rose-scented things so this Ocean of Skies Bubble & Charm Hand Crème is perfect! I always see her using hair clips and accessories in her hair so these clips were an obvious choice for her.

Target Gift Hack


Target Gift Hack

For Kyle, I thought about the colors I see her wearing. She loves colors that can go with different things, so her lipstick and nail polish colors were more neutral.  Hair ties made the most sense for her and the Cups of Tea Hand Crème matched what I think she would like best.

Target Gift Hack


Target Gift Hack

I chose some spicy colors for Monica! I think she would love to explore these with her two daughters. They will have a ball with the bright and sparkly picks from the nail polish set and the lip set. The Bubble & Charm Hand Crème in Mandalay Musk is going to be a hit for her this winter too!

Target Gift Hack

I can’t wait to hear what my best friends have to say about their gifts! They are truly in for a treat come Christmas Day!

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