ONYXBOX: Beautiful Textures Take-Over

Whippin it! OnyxBox BeautifulTextures Review TheKGLifestyle

In my last post you might have noticed I had straight hair! I used the Texture Manageability System (TMS) from Beautiful Textures and my flat-iron to get the straight look. The system was sent to me from ONYXBOX along with 3 other full-sized Beautiful Textures products. I’m a fan of the Moisture Butter and am excited about the Styling Custard and Mousse. But what did I think about the Reversible Straightening Texture Manageability System? Let’s get to my 1st impression….

OnyxBox BeautifulTextures Review TheKGLifestyle

I was VERY skeptical about using any “system” on my hair, especially one that came in a box (relaxer memories). However, seeing some of my favorite naturalistas and other friends use it I decided to do some research and be more open about it. The “system” is basically an amino-acid rich protein treatment activated by heat. It claims to leave hair shiny and strong. I can honestly say I experienced the shine factor. I didn’t need a shine serum, and only used a drop of coconut oil on each section after flat-ironing. Let me take you through the process I chose to take though…OnyxBox BeautifulTextures Review TheKGLifestyleFirst I deep conditioned after detangling with my Q-Redew and then used a cleansing hair masque (DC). This was not apart of the instructions for the system but as a graduate from the School of Heat Damage, I wanted to take this extra step. After  30 minutes I rinsed the masque out and in sections washed my hair with the cleansing shampoo provided. The instructions encourage shampooing 3-4 times, I shampoo’d twice.  My hair wasn’t very moisturized afterwards, but definitely clean. After rinsing the shampoo out in sections I  put my hair in a micro-fiber towel. My curls were noticeably looser at this point, which freaked me out but I said a little prayer and moved forward. LOL!

The Leave-In Conditioner was the next product to use. I read that those with color treated hair (me) should make sure NOT to use too much of the conditioner. I took note and opened the conditioner which didn’t have the most pleasant smell. I could tell it was protein rich. If you’ve ever used a protein treatment you know what I mean. Now the smell wasn’t unbearable, it just wasn’t fruity and floral like most products I use in my hair. So this conditioner is basically the consistency of water. I wasn’t ready! I spilled a little in the sink but made sure not to put too much on my damp hair. I SERIOUSLY feel like this product should be in a spray bottle for even dispersion or application. I actually let the conditioner sit on my hair for a little while before blow drying. Didn’t want my hair to be wet.

So after the leave-in conditioner dried on my hair for awhile I moved on to start blow drying. I lightly sprayed some of my Heat Tamer from Tresemme (Heat Protectant), another step not apart of TMS. I used the tension method to blow dry. It’s the ONLY way naturally curly/kinky/coily hair should be blow dried in my opinion. Let me know if you’d like to see a video on this method. :) After blow drying I ran to church with my hair in a jumbo twist updo. Came back sprayed more heat protectant on each section and got to business. WARNING! Do not do this: I used a flat iron that has no heat setting. I know, I know, crazy right? Well I’m 98% sure this flat iron I have doesn’t get hotter than 375 degrees Fahrenheit.  I also did the paper towel test throughout the process to make sure it wasn’t too hot, which is a good determinant for anyone flat ironing. Baby section by baby section I used a rat tail comb followed by the flat iron to straighten and was super impressed! The light weight leave -in conditioner literally transformed my curls into shiny, sleek, ready to whip hair!

Have you used the system? What are your thoughts? I found the system online at a Walgreens some ways from my house for $8.99 which isn’t bad! There is enough product to use the system 2 more times. I’m not sure I will be using the system again. After I wash with a sulfate shampoo and see whether or not my curls bounce back to 100% I’ll make that decision. I don’t have plans to do a full review/video demo but you’ll definitely hear from me if I experience any damage!

The value of the ONYXBOX is clear! 3 FULL sized products but this system? Totally worth it the $25 a month. Stay tuned for the next review of the ONYXBOX. For more information check out weareonyx.com.What I love about ONYXBOX is that you can buy a specific month’s box. No forced commitment! If you want the box I reviewed, click here.

Until next time loves, peace & blessings!


Did my hair bounce back? Check out my thought and a full update with pics here!


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  • Lisa

    This was really helpful Kala. I’ve been wanting to try it but skeptical and nervous as I have 4C hair and dont want to do any damage to my finally growing tresses. Once I hear back on how you made out going back to curly I may look into trying this out. Thanks again!

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