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Havvvvve you noticed!?!?!?! Some of you may have noticed that I have a new hair color from the last post. YES MA’AM! I needed a change and REALLY needed a cut! I was super nervous about the color, the cut not so much. In past posts I talk about how to bring your hair back to “health”, how to reverse damage. The truth is, you can do all that: if you have dry hair, deep condition; if you have a dry and flaky scalp try a oil treatment.

Howwwwwever, if you have waited and waited to trim or you’ve just simply neglected your hair until it’s knotting up and breaking, it’s just time to let go. Deep Conditioning can’t mend two ends split from a long overdue trim. That is exactly what happened to me! I kept putting my trim out knowing I had a GRIP of single strand knots.

Anu Prestonia, CEO/Founder of Khamit Kinks the salon tapped me on my shoulder at a event I recently attended and basically told me to get my life. I knew I needed a trim I just never made time to trim it myself and figured that I would get it trimmed and cut at the same time! So I made my appointment and strolled on in to her salon in Brooklyn!

Cut & Color The KG Lifestyle
Khamit Kinks Salon – 400 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, NY

The salon is awesome! I felt so welcomed and my stylist Jennifer was really accommodating to what I wanted to do. I did want a drastic change so I told her to cut what she wanted and gave her a picture of the color I wanted.

Cut & Color The KG Lifestyle
Close up: Curls with just color
Cut & Color The KG Lifestyle
Curls with just color
Cut & Color The KG Lifestyle
After two runs with highlighting! My hair was stubborn!
Cut & Color The KG Lifestyle
Jennifer is blow drying a little so I didn’t walk outside in the cold with wet hair. :)

Pictures not enough for ya? Here’s a FULL recap of the process with my 1st reaction caught on tape, thanks to Rachy!

Cut & Color The KG Lifestyle
Anu Essentials Products offered at the salon & at anuessentials.com

Thanks for checking out my new cut and color! What do you think? Someone commented on the video saying I need a toner? I think….anywho, I love the color as it. Sometimes it comes through as a bit orange on camera, which is annoying but I love it in person! Which is what matters! :)

If you’re thinking about coloring your hair for the fall, which color are you considering?

Peace & Blessings,


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