My New Cut & Color with AVEDA

Happy Tuesday¬†Loves! I pray that this post greets you well! Just wanted to share my new cut and color experience with you! Here’s a shot of one of my first reactions.

New Hair Face

Yeah…..I wasn’t ready. But the pic above doesn’t even touch on what the end result was! I was shocked to say the least, but I’m definitely learning to rock what I’ve got regardless! Have you ever had a “not quite what I expected” salon experience?

The Stylist: Janal Yakini
The Salon: http://www.tangerinesalon.net/dallas
The Products: http://www.aveda.com/ – Dry Remedy Product Line

Help me! I need you to tell me what styles you’d like to see on my short hair. Believe it or not it’s already growing pretty fast. Let me know below by leaving a comment! Can’t wait to style more of your ideas…cuz I don’t have many of my own! Xoxo



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