Mother’s Day Fun, Style & Reflection

Howdy!? It’s Friday and I wanted to surprise you all with a quick post!

Mother's Day Fun!

I mentioned my trip to Cali to surprise my Mommy for Mother’s Day last weekend in my last post. We had so much fun for this photoshoot. The morning of I installed CurlFormers on my Mom and she really loved the look! I had thrown an outfit together and put it in my bag the night before my flight. I forgot to put an undershirt in there (which is why I’m lightweight naked-yikes). What was surprising was that I laid out the outfit and my Mom was like, “Oh, I’ve got a shirt like that…and those jeans too.” I definitely get my fashion style from my Momma so I wasn’t too shocked, but couldn’t wait to see this outfit she had!  


Ain’t my Momma fly y’all? Yup….I pretty much can claim that I get it from her!


Outfit Deets:

Top: STRUT (Dallas, TX)

Jeans: Kristen Lee Boutique (Dallas, TX)

Heels: Target

We were fighting the sunset to get a couple shots. Yes, we walked out onto the lawn with our heels on. LOL!

Now, this is how we typically are. Ex. I’m laughing at something she says or trying to make her laugh. Hehe.

Silly Kala & Mommy

Me & Mommy

So I posted a pic of a balcony deck thing my Mom built on IG the day before Mother’s Day……with this caption:

Yesterday my Mom sent me this picture of the deck she built (cut the wood and everything 💪) and decorated 😍. Little did she know I planned on surprising her for Mother’s Day! When I drove up and asked her to let me in she kept saying, “Kala, are you serious? Wait, I’m not dreaming? I’m going to wake up tomorrow and find out this was all a dream!” 😂😂😂 This morning I’m reflecting on how far we’ve come as Mother and daughter. Satan tried to rob me of having a loving relationship with her for years. Anger, resentment, blame and disrespect were evident, BUT GOD! 🙌 His loving Spirit, His example of forgiveness was so clear (Matt 6:14) 🙏 we both let go and the Lord healed us from all of those things. 🙌🙏. We’re not perfect but I encourage any of you struggling with unforgiveness to surrender to God’s healing power. He can fix it!!!! #CaliForTheWeekend#ILoveMyMommy Questions, Concerns? Hit me up at thekglifestyle@gmail.com so that I can pray for you!!! 😘😘😘 #CherishTheDay

It’s so true! His loves has truly done wonders for our relationship and I encourage any of you dealing with hurt feelings, feelings so deep that it feels like your heart has been ripped out of your chest, to try Jesus! He really is the ULTIMATE Healer. I don’t want any of my readers and those beyond the blog to be robbed of the joys of one of the most important relationships we have here on Earth. If you’d like a more detailed encouragement on forgiveness check out the series here on the blog that I wrote last year.

Now let’s get to this van…LOL! When I transferred to college I just knew that I would be given our family SUV to drive around in. I had driven it back and forth for various schools and it was pretty good on gas. Instead I was loaned Joy (our family conversion van) to use. O-O

I was somewhat thankful….um….alright I was mad at first that I would have to drive this OLD CONVERSION VAN around during my 1st year at university. This was the car we drove back South to visit family in, NOT for a college student!!! But at least I could get around. I worked off campus (in addition to on-campus) while I attended school, so it was a necessity. Man…..Joy and I got so close! LOL, our time together had to be limited (have you ever filled up a conversion van’s gas tank?) but the time we did have was precious. When I was stressed the heck out from work, school, bills and all of my extra-curricular activities, I would set out at 2 or 3 am to the beach. Joy and I would just hangout in the back and she’d wait for me while I walked out onto the shore to talk to Jesus. Those were the days! All she needs now is a good wash and tune up and she could run again!

Me & Joy

I really was blessed to have her. And although I was a little ashamed to have to drive her I knew, even then, that I was blessed. I tend to go through a struggle or difficult situation and NEVER look back. It’s not in my make-up to harp on the past….but it’s SO important to remember those times. They are character building and character testing! I entitled this post “surprises” because who knew I’d come away so many tidbits of reassurance and gratefulness!

I pray this post blessed you and that you enjoyed this little window into my time spent in Cali. Let me know how you spent your Mother’s Day in the comments below!



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