How to Fix Broken Powder Make Up

Have you ever dropped a compact powder? A blush? A highlighter?

I have. I am a self-proclaimed clumsicle (yes, that’s a made up word) “multi-tasking” woman. I’m ALWAYS doing two or more things. Laundry and cooking. Cooking and editing. Editing and Cleaning. Cleaning and Uploading. Talking on the phone and EVERYTHING else. LOL! I can admit that I should sit my butt down and slow down some times, but for now I’m still doing a million things at once. This type of behavior can be unpredictable…and can cause some “whoopsies”. In the past I’ve dropped several powder compacts and threw them away! Yes….thinking all was lost. Shamefully I admit that I used to just keep it. That’s right, close the compact carefully, place it carefully at the bottom of my make-up bag and hope. Hopes were usually shattered as everything in my makeup bag bathed in the shimmering browns, pinks or whatever the powder was as soon as I dropped my purse or just handled my purse. At times it was like I purposefully shook up my purse to see how much powder would release onto my belongings. Turrible.


When I saw these results I knew that my life was changed. I have found a solution….but it was definitely through trial and error…

Beauty Fix

Watch me and my assistant try and fix what I thought was once unfixable. I couldn’t just throw away the best highlighter I had ever tried! The BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Rose Gold!

As you can see there is a trail and error to the DIY world! I’m glad that I had two powders to try this out on. What’s really cool is that subbies who’ve seen this video commented on YouTube with even more suggestions! Using a stronger percentage of alcohol is one tip I’ll use if I need to fix another powder. Check out the other suggestions and comment below if you have other fixes for everyday makeup mishaps. I wanna know!

Love Always,


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