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“REFRESH, REFRESH! Try to bring it up on your iPad too! REFRESH!”

That’s what you could hear in my apartment last year on Christmas morning if you were within 10 feet of my front door. My dear friend @Jouelzy was in town and we woke up that morning to LOTS of messages and texts from friends announcing the AMAZING deal from Etihad Airways to Abu Dhabi. I had never been to Abu Dhabi so I was super intrigued. I had gone to Dhabi for my 26th birthday while living in Sudan, Africa but the thought of being in the U.A.E. with. friends was even more exciting!

To be honest, I didn’t take on the planning of this trip like I usually do. Too much was going on and I approached it with a “been there (to the U.A.E.), done that” type of attitude. Another member of the group of 17 I went with was an amazing planner. Boy, was I wrong about that whole “been there done that” thing! In September I got to see a whole ‘nutha side of Dubai and was introduced to the calmer, more my style, Abu Dhabi.

Take a look at my vlog from the trip (from take-off from Dallas to touch down): 

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If you are travelling to the U.A.E. and looking for a sample itinerary check this one out. It was organized by a group of us led by another dear friend and Soror @ufleumas. Okay, now go see the world! :)



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