Janelle Monae is The Electric Lady

YASSSSSS! That was the exact word that came from me when I got an email from TalkofDetroit.com announcing that Janelle Monae would be at PV Lounge in Detroit last night promoting her new CD The Electric Lady (September 10).

I own each Suite from Janelle Monae.  My favorite is the last however: (The ArchAndroid). Cold War being on of my favorites on the album as well as Tightrope, which she performed at the Noble Peace Prize Concert. J.Monae embodies so many of the qualities I venture to possess. She is my role model. Meeting her was definitely a highlight of my ENTIRE life. She is an activist, a pop star and a Cover Girl! She uses her voice to define herself and gives a voice to so many other black girls around the world. She’s fearless. Her lyrics are so powerful and heavy. She charges us all to be better. And in learning more about myself I realize that I have so so so much work to do to be more fearless and self-accepting. So fearless in fact that not much else matters. I’m a work in progress I tell ya! Check out these pics from last night, including the ones where she allowed me to stay on stage and sing my JAM Primetime with her. YES! I almost fell out. #TRUTH

photo 5 (4) photo 1-21 photo 4 (8) photo 4 (7) photo 3 (8) image image (2) image (1) photo 5 (5)


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