Is Transitioning a Journey of Self-Discovery?

BHP’s definition of “Transitioning”: No longer using harsh chemicals or extreme heat that causes severe and/or permanent damage, leaving the hair somewhat unaltered.

Is it REALLY just hair?

Truthfully it can be just about the hair. But chances are, if you’re consistently getting to know your hair texture for the first time it’s not. So much goes into a woman’s appearance so it’s important to recognize how our hair relates to our well-being – mentally, spiritually, and physically- when embarking on any change.

 So you want to “go natural”?

There are a few questions you might want to ask yourself when deciding to wear and perhaps style your hair.

Grab a pen and paper and answer these questions to self-reflect and set some goals:

1. What does being natural mean to you?

2. How long have you altered your hair from it’s natural state?

3. Why do you think you’ve altered your hair for as long or as short as you have?

4. What are your goals for this journey?

5. Why do you want to be natural?

6. Who can you turn to when you feel like you might give up?

Although these questions may seem “too deep” or “extra” at first, your answers could determine how well your transition goes. Come back to your answers as you tap into your authentic self during this change. Keeping a record of your progress is also suggested. Progress pictures, vlogs and journaling are great ways to reflect on your journey.

Stay encouraged!


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