I Define Me – NYC Updates & Discount Code Ends TODAY!

Updates Updates Updates! So much has been going on, and I’m SO excited to share some exciting updates surrounding the I Define Me Tour – Women’s Empowerment Brunch in NYC! 

If this is your first time hearing about the brunch make sure to check out idefinemetour.com and @idefinemetour on all social media platforms! My goal with launching this tour is to foster great conversations surrounding inner beauty while also chit chatting about all of the outer beauty stuff us ladies like to talk about. It’s a girlfriend’s gathering with a purpose! 

I’ve learned SO much about hosting events in the last few months. Some things I would definitely do differently, and others I’m so glad I did! This wasn’t an idea that a brand approached me about. It’s a passion project pretty much funded by my friend and I. Rachael Sealy (co-host /UK Blogger) and I are excited about the tour of events ESPECIALLY the kick off in New York THIS Saturday the 20th. If you haven’t gotten your ticket, what in the WORLD are you waiting for? There’s a special going on that ends TODAY. O-O


So go go go to idefinemetour.eventbrite.com and snag yours now! You’ll get waaaay more than the ticket price. What exactly? Wellll…..

Guests will enjoy:

  • Delicious brunch menu with a mimosa toast & juices
  • Motivational activities
  • Panel discussion with Fashion & Lifestyle blogger, Melissa Chanel
  • Deluxe beauty & hair gift bags worth over $60
  • Live performance from Koku Gonza


melissa chanel i define me tour

And let me tell you SO MUCH MORE! I’m so frickin excited to mingle and hang out with everyone! And even more excited to announce the next city! If you’re not in the NYC area for this event make sure to share it with a woman who is! Thanks for your support over the years and your kind words in support of this new venture of spreading positive energy!

koku gonza i define me tour

Peace & Blessings!




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