How Do You Do #skincare? | Winterizing My Skin Regimen

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How do you do skincare?

This winter season has totally disrespected my skin routine. One thing I’ve been meaning to do is create a regimen for each season of the year. Interesting fact: I grew up in San Diego and never really had a skin regimen other than Dial soap and Vaseline. After I grew up, moved out of the dry coastal climate and just started living life, I have had to change my skin routine. From the super dry heat in Sudan, Africa, to the humid summers in New Jersey, I’ve figured out what my skin likes and needs.

It all starts with YOU!

Skin loves water and rest. Yes, products do make a difference, but putting your health first will do wonders. Eight hours of sleep a day and plenty of water will help you jump-start your skin-care routine and help the products do what they are created to do. Let’s be honest: It’s tough being consistent with self-care. I think the key is jumping back on the boat. If you miss a day, don’t give up! Bounce back on the routine that will help you achieve your beauty and style goals.

Let’s get started, here’s my bare face (pre-makeup), follow along to see how I’m planning to maintain healthy bright skin all winter long!


For me, it helps if I keep all of my skincare products at the sink or in the same general area. Routine tip: Buy two of your favorite scrubs or cleansers. Leave one in the shower for mornings and leave one at the sink for your night routine. This has helped me stay consistent! I don’t make excuses about it being too much effort to jump back and forth from the sink to my shower caddy just to wash my face.


Dead skin is much more prevalent during the dry and cold seasons. I use this brightening facial scrub from ACURE a couple of times a week as a cleanser to keep my skin bright and clear. It’s a great way to exfoliate and keep the blackheads away too. The scrubbing beads do a great job on my oily T-zone, and it only takes a few minutes to apply. If I’m feeling fancy, I will leave it on for a couple more minutes while I clean up my cuticles. I think a major difference in my skin routine from last year that I’ll DEFINITELY keep doing is rinsing my face with very warm water. I love applying the scrub after a hot shower, but if I’m cleansing at night I will just hold my face over the steaming water to open my pores just before splashing it in an upwards motion to rinse off the cleanser.


After patting my face with a white towel, I apply an astringent. I moved away from toner last year and use 100% tea tree oil, like this one from Aura Cacia. This has been a great addition to my routine, especially for these colder months! Tea tree oil actually keeps my T-zone in check. My face loves it.


For my body, this winter I am using the Relaxing Lavender Aromatherapy Body Oil, also from Aura Cacia. The oil is a great way to “fake” a spa day. It’s a light smell that will stay with you for most of the day and will give you a great glow!


To finish off the routine I am following to keep dry, scaly skin away this season is this cream from S.W. Basics.


One of my pet peeves is gross-looking nails and hands. I am super consistent with my hand creams and cuticle creams, but this season I needed something a little heavier. This cream has great simple ingredients that will do exactly what’s expected of a hand cream. It keeps my hands moisturized and my cuticles intact. Thank goodness for products that contain real ingredients and are available at your local Target! This season, I’m definitely equipped to achieve my desired look with fresh skin from head to toe. Find out more ways that you can “do you” from this video on Target’s YouTube channel featuring my girl Shameless Maya! How Do You Do: January Your Way


Have you changed your skin routine to combat the cold and dry winter? #HowDoYouDo skincare?

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