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Happy November 25th!

That’s the sunset we just watched with full bellies! I pray your day was filled with love, family and friends. I’m back in northern Cali for the holiday and loving this time off! It’s like being able to press the reset button and it’s like old times. My brother and Mommy and I, just us, spending quality time. QT for us is wrestling, CONSTANT pranking and lots and lots of hugs and kisses. I’m in heaven. We’re also having real conversations. Prayers are being answered every time we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open with each other. We’ve come such a loooong way as a family and for THAT I am thankful!


Mommy and I went grocery shopping last night for dinner. She had bought a few things, but they weren’t my favorites: collard greens, sweet potato pie, stuffing etc.



She definitely got on my last nerve from time to time….LOL! Low sodium veggie broth or nah!?!?!?


The result? Amazing vegetarian collard greens with hot sauce and smoked paprika for taste; Mommy’s mac n cheese (she uses sour cream in her recipe); seafood stuffing with scallops; shrimp and asparagus risotto.


Have a great break this week loves! I’ll check in tomorrow after I do some shopping. Hoping to score a great deal on a fridge and a trash compactor….I’ll explain tomorrow. LOL!



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