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Hi Loves!

Aliyah’s – Try Again lyrics come to mind (It’s been a long time…) when I think of how long it’s been since I last sent out a blog post. But let’s NOT focus on that because starting today you’ll find a new post from me more often! Whooooooo Hoooo. I’m excited because now that I’ve settled in Dallas, TX I feel like I’ve gotten acclimated enough to create a schedule that works for me.

So what’s been up lovelies? I want to hear from you! I’ve  been busy as usual. Fortunately, I’m a weirdo who films herself chronicling any day to day, random happenings. So I can SHOW you what I’ve been up to. Like anytime I move I definitely was feeling some type of way when I got here. But nowwww, I’m more motivated than ever to create the life I want. My Christ-walk is growing and I’m SO enjoying falling deeper in love with Jesus! There were only a few things I needed/wanted for sure when I moved here:

1. A great place to call home- CHECK (in fact, I prolonged my move-in date by over a month in order to get the specific apartment unit I knew was mine).

2. Join a church home- CHECK (as of last Sunday I am a proud member of Concord Church, where we grow people). YAY!

3. Avoid getting overly involved in busying yourself to the point where you’re relationship with Christ is suffering – CHECK (I’m very aware of this now more than ever).

Okay so let’s recap some of my recent happenings, shall we?


 My LOVES (TreSands and Specials) came to spend NYE with me. I was BEAMING with happiness as you can see.


 My Spec Brittany is so cute. We went to Crab Shack while she was here visiting. SO GOOD!

IMG_0068 Twin came to visit for a few days in December, a week after I moved here. I took him to a Mavs game. Twin Comes to Visit Vlog IMG_0069


   I took a business trip to Florida where my lovely friend Kyla met me from Jacksonville. That’s a several hour drive! I felt so loved!tkgl

Leo is around these parts. Trying to get his life together in Dallas.


My friend Lydia came to Dallas for business, but we surely turned the entire trip to pleasure status. LOL! To view my year so far watch the playlist of my latest 3 vlogs below:

A few snap snots from my AWESOME time in Apsen, CO. Don’t forget to comment  below and let me know what’s going on with you! :)


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