Fit Natural Woes: Braid Out Maintenance

If you follow me on twitter (@KG1913) you already know that I’m working out to lose weight and be healthier before my 28th Bday. I’m calling the whole preparation and party process NYC2012. One thing that has become an obstacle is keeping my hair in tact when working out. Natural textured hairstyles are much easier to maintain than straight styles. BUT the moisture from sweat can still attack your edges. I mentioned this in my update vid where I explained that I braided up my edges every night. Not anymore! I now use my silk scarf as a barrier to absorb the sweat. I take a shower immediately after my workout, cook and clean. Then I take the scarf off and prepare for bed using a different silk scarf to protect my hair at night. No re-braiding necessary!


Above: Last night just before working out.

Below:  This morning, after wearing a silk scarf/band around the edges while working out.


Granted the crinkle of the braid out is gone in the very front BUT the “smooth” edge look ain’t bad either. Now instead of braiding 5-6 braids in the front and sometimes 4-5 in the back every night I can spend more time editing videos. 


Peace & Blessings,


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