Ayeee to Mondayyyy! 11/4/13 Vlog

This is so funny! I thought that I would not have enough time to edit vlogs but here I find myself not having time to update my BLOG!

I’ll find my way eventually y’all! So Monday’s are usually a slow day for me. I try not to plan too much because I’m usually trying to recover from the whirlwind of the weekend. This Monday was pretty much the same. Check out my day here. I made a Fast “oopsie” but got my life soon after a reminder from the boo-thang.

Oh and if y’all didn’t know I’ll be travelling next week (SO EXCITED)! I will be resting a lot and meditating and reading. My goal is to do an hour of Yoga every morning so this week I’ll be getting up a little earlier every day. Also, as an update, instead of redoing the Proverbs reading plan on You Version, I’m starting the Pslams & Proverbs in 31 Days plan. Look it up and join me! Let’s push ourselves further into God’s arms. I’m always always always yearning to be closer to Him and this is just the way to do so.

Because I’ll be travelling I’ve decided to have two Meet & Greets! One in Orlando, FL and one in NYC! Flyers are below. I would love nothing more than to meet you all, so I hope you can make it out! Of course I’ll come bearing gifts!

Sunday 11/10 at 11am in Orlando, FL : thekglifestyleorlando.eventbrite.com

Thursday 11/14 at 5pm in NYC: thekglifestylenyc.eventbrite.com

Enjoy your day loves!

Meet&Greet Orlando

Meet&Greet NYC



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