I Assessed My Cancer Risk with Bright Pink

Let’s talk BOOBIES! Lol, no but for real October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I am celebrating by brining you all a simple and easy way to focus on prevention and early detection. SO many of us are effected by breast and ovarian cancer – whether it’s us, a friend or family member – it’s important to stay informed about all of the resources available to take risk-reducing action. I’m ALL about solution based awareness and Bright Pink’s digital tool, Asses Your Risk is a great way to get started. Bright Pink; a national non-profit organization uniquely focused on prevention and early detection, created the flagship program Asses Your Risk and it has helped more then one milli women know and manage their breast and ovarian cancer risk proactively since launching in 2013!

This 5 minute quiz (it really is 5 minutes long, see proof of my quiz below) is free, interactive and has been optimized this year to give you more personalized risk management recommendations! Did I already say that I loved solution based awareness? Yes, okay good.

My Results:

What do I think about my results?

Welp, the first thing I had to admit was that I need to get more physically active ASAP. This served as a reminder for me. A very strong one. The tool gave me a BMI assessment of 25.1 and the range for my height is 18.5-24.9 so I’m not TOO far off, but still. One thing that I liked about this tool was that it was educational, for example it noted that some research shows that being on birth control for at least 5 years between your 20s and 30s reduces your risk – interesting. Also, that as an African-American woman, I have a 2x higher risk of developing some of the more aggressive breast cancers. The report also mentions how reducing extra-estrogen can reduce your risk of causing cancer in your body. I have absolutely no intention to ever use the pill or “tie my tubes” (another risk reducing recommendation my report gave), but finding ways to reduce extra-estrogen (like working out and with the foods that I eat) is great new info for me!

All recommendations are tied back to referring this info to your physician, which I love. That puts the choice back into our hands – we choose our doctors and what we feel comfortable with moving forward.  Visit Asses Your Risk to assess your PERSONAL risk level for breast and ovarian cancers. You may be surprised at some of the research and lifestyle choices linked to increased risk. The more you knowwww….did anyone else sing that in their heads? Just me?

I want to hear from you! Did you take the quiz? Share your personal results below (if you wanna) to inspire others to take the quiz and put their breast and ovarian health as a priority!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bright Pink. The opinions and text are all mine.

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