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F.A.Q. + a Surprise!

Happy July!!!!! You all are in for a treat this month! I took a bit of a hiatus in June after the crazy month of May. PHEW! Now that I’ve taken a “break” I’m ready to launch the content you all have asked for, and get this, much of it is NON-hair related! YAY?! LOL! LookBooks Try-On Hauls…

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ONYXBOX: April Unboxing

More makeup and beauty!!! YESSSS! I was so excited to receive April’s ONYXBOX not long after I received the Beautiful Textures Take-Over ONYXBOX. This box featured items from Cargo Cosmetics and Philip B. Botanical Products. I put an easy look together with some of the items that I’ve worn several times recently! Here were the possible…

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