Self-Care Squared 101

Hey Sis!

Are you ready for more ENERGY, more PEACE, more JOY, more LOVE? Are you ready to be PURPOSEFUL about creating the life you want?

My name is Kala and I’m ready to teach you how you can achieve it ALL by creating a strong self-care foundation to build your life on.

I’ve taken what I’ve practiced throughout my life and put it into an intro package for YOU! What exactly have I learned? Glad you asked…

  • I’ve learned how to manifest the desires of my heart with expectancy.

  • I’ve learned how to affirm over myself and those around me attracting joy, peace and love (whether I’m in or out of a relationship).

  • I’ve learned how to restore my soul from the hurt caused by sexual abuse AND even forgive my abuser.

  • I’ve learned how to truly create a space that rises up to meet me; the safe haven I’ve desired all my life.

Are you ready for this NEXT LEVEL teaching?

Self-Care Squared 101 is a power-packed, 2 week introductory course for women ready to attract all they want in life by beginning the detox process from the inside out. Self-Care Squared (SC2) is literally taking self-care to the next level.


Why SC2?

> You’re exhausted and tired from what seems like a never-ending cycle of self-neglect.

> You feel disconnected from purpose but feel constantly busy.

> You’re finding it difficult to heal from your past.

> You’re serious about creating a life and legacy that prioritizes your well-being.

> You want to be a WHOLE person; regardless of your relationship status, you want to get in-touch with who you really are.

I was there….I know what it’s like being disconnected from purpose. I know what it’s like to neglect your mental and physical health. I know what it’s like to feel ill equipped without any accountability. I was in that cycle and only broke out of it by being intentional! I invested time and energy into the core aspects of my well-being that has now become Self-Care Squared:

#Mind #Body #Spirit #Space

I’ve been teaching women via how-to videos for 7 years and garnered nearly 7 million views on my YouTube channel.  It’s time to go even deeper than just living a “lifestyle”. It’s time to create a community of women poised for ALL that God has divinely created for them to be! I’m excited to introduce you to this NEW way of living and being!

Self-Care Squared 101 Course Outline

Module 1: Mind Make-Over

Learn how to start clearing out dirt, debris and destructive thinking, quiet the busy thoughts in your head and position your mind to affirm and manifest everything you want.

Module 2: Health ‘n Healing

Begin a journey to better overall health from head to toe. Feel better, experience more energy and discover how detoxing your body can change how you show up in the world every single day.

Module 3: Empowered 4 More

Get connected with your purpose! Learn practical techniques that are guaranteed to help you discover who you are and what you’re on earth to do.

Module 4: LIT Boundaries

This is YOUR life! Learn how to take ownership of it with boundaries and focused energy. You’ll receive several assignments that elevate the physical and spiritual energy around you, clearing the path for your new self-care journey.

Program Preview:

Ready to commit to your NEW start?!



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