11/2 & 11/3 Vlogs!

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Sooo....I see these daily blog posts will be sporadic! I'll copy Naptural85 and just say that they will be ALMOST be daily. LOL! This weekend was super busy! Michigan vs. MSU Tailgate game was fun! I wore my favorite SDSU sweater which just so happens to be grey and red (Ohio State's colors). GREEEAAATT! I was so mad people were asking why I wore Ohio's colors. LOL! Oh well. Not much happened after the game. Check out my Sat. here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wr5uczw6emg Sunday was another busy day. Starting off with church and an AWESOME message about those things that God hates! Prov 6:16 and Rev. 2:2-7 were referenced to teach about how we all need to look in the mirror and tell ourselves the TRUTH! We've got to admit that somethings…
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