Ayeee to Mondayyyy! 11/4/13 Vlog

DAILY BlOG, Lifestyle
This is so funny! I thought that I would not have enough time to edit vlogs but here I find myself not having time to update my BLOG! I'll find my way eventually y'all! So Monday's are usually a slow day for me. I try not to plan too much because I'm usually trying to recover from the whirlwind of the weekend. This Monday was pretty much the same. Check out my day here. I made a Fast "oopsie" but got my life soon after a reminder from the boo-thang. Oh and if y'all didn't know I'll be travelling next week (SO EXCITED)! I will be resting a lot and meditating and reading. My goal is to do an hour of Yoga every morning so this week I'll be getting…
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