Styling Theory – Stretch for Retention

If your goal is to have longer hair, you probably already know that retention is key. Making retention a priority in your hair care routine will produce results. Stretching your hair is just one technique. Our definition of retention is below:

Retention, (noun): The ability to retain the oldest most fragile parts of your hair (the ends) resulting in maximum preservation and length.

Naturally kinky-curly-coily hair tangles easily and if you enjoy wearing your hair in loose styles you could be keeping the hair from reaching it’s full length potential. When the hair is stretched it has a lower probability of tangling resulting in breakage. By using any of the techniques and styles below you can help ensure maximum retention by the stretching method!

Try one and let us know how it works out for you! Enjoy!

1) Braid Out/Braid & Curl:

2) Twist Out/Twist & Curl:

3) Flexi-Rod Set:

4) Banding:

5) Bantu-Knot Out:

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