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4 Things Every Curly/Coily Should Know


Dryness is the enemy: You may be tired of hearing about keeping your hair moisturized, but it can’t be emphasized enough! The weather and other elements attack our coily hair and dry it out. Using a moisturizer daily or when needed is important when trying to prevent breakage and promotes growth and shine.


Oil could be the enemy: If you’re applying oil to your hair to “seal” the cuticle and wondering why your hair looks dry regardless, you may be applying your oil at the wrong time during your regimen. Applying oil to your hair before your leave-in conditioner or moisturizer closes the cuticle. This blocks the moisture you’re attempting to add to your hair. Oil is like a cherry on an ice cream sundae for your hair. It ‘tops’ off your hair after soaking up that moisturizer. So ladies remember, apply that leave-in conditioner first and seal later!


Scalp health is key: If you’ve wondered why your latest twist out or style looks dry, dull and lifeless even after regularly deep conditioning and nightly maintenance, you could be experiencing product build-up. Your scalp contains follicles (the birthplace of the hair shaft) and if it’s not healthy looking then your hair won’t be either. Use a DYI apple cider vinegar rinse or clarifying shampoo to get rid of all the shea butter and creams us type 4 curlies like to use. Rub the rinse or shampoo on your scalp and massage with your finger pads to get the dirt, lint and stubborn old products lifted off of your scalp and hair. Quick recipe: 1 part apple cider vinegar to 3 parts distilled water.


Water is your friend: For so long so many of us avoided water to preserve relaxed and straight styles. It’s easy to revert back to those old habits, but resist the urge and splurge on that water! Curly hair loves moisture and water is the best moisturizer hands down!


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