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50K Giveaway Week 3: Q-Redew

18th April

My ULTIMATE favorite hair tool!

Y’all knew this was coming right?! It’s no secret that Q-Redew is one of my favorite brands of ALL time! Their vapor wand dramatically improved my hair when I moved to a much colder climate (Detroit). Since then I’ve experimented using the handheld steamer to create big and fluffy blowouts, pre-poo and detangle on wash day. It is honestly my favorite hair tool!

This is the only steamer I found that fit into my lifestyle. It’s difficult finding time to paint my nails let alone steam on wash day! The steam from the Q-Redew allows the hair cuticles to open without getting the hair too wet. After a quick steam (from 4-6 minutes max) I seal my hair with a moisturizer or an oil. My hair feels awesome after a quick refresh and my hair is dry before … Read More »

50K Giveaway Week 2: Original Moxie Gift Set

16th April

Natural hair products! AYEEEEE! 

For those of you who’ve followed me for awhile you might know that I LOVE Original Moxie! This Michigan based company became one of my favorites because some of their products are vegan. They are also completely cruelty free! I loved them so much  I featured them in an article I wrote for last year. In this picture I used the Oasis Moisture Gel which gave me definition AND fluffy (non-crunchy) hair on DAY ONE!

Original Moxie has a unique diagnostic approach to hair care that helps identify the products that fit each unique individual. I’ve teamed up with Original Moxie this week and they’re giving away a Natural Wonder Gift Set to help celebrate this milestone of mine! One lucky naturalista will win : Get Clean™ No-foam Shampoo (8 oz.), Intense Quench™ Deep Conditioner (8 oz.), & Everyday Leave-in™ Detangling Conditioner (8 oz.), Hair Bling™ High Shine Pomade (3 oz.), … Read More »

How to Organize Your Scarves

8th April

Most of my free time is spent decorating, organizing, re-organizing and re-decorating and then pinning more stuff on my Pinterest page for inspiration. So it shouldn’t be surprising that I made a video about organizing my scarves. I got the idea to organize my scarves (from just hanging them on multiple hangers) when I went to TJ Maxx. They had the scarves displayed so neatly I HAD to walk over and inspect. LOL! I basically noted how they tied each scarf on the display bar and came home to replicate it. This might seem like a simple task, but for me I got sooooo excited to save space and time and display my scarves by color. I’m an organizing addict!

Anywho, check out the super quick video below to find out how I upgraded from digging through my scarves to easily … Read More »

ipsy Glam Bag Review: March 2014

7th April

Every time I get my ipsy Glam Bag in the mail I feel like it’s Christmas morning! Last month I updated you all on how I kinda let myself go. LOL! I just didn’t feel the need to self-care other than the basics. I’m happy to report that that’s changed  and I’ve been using the items sent to me lately. In fact I used the eye shadow combo for the Diana Ross Style Icon video.  This bag was just as exciting as the rest!

 The colors were super vibrant and I was SO happy that they transferred well (pigmented).

The bareMinerals Lipstick was cute too! I already have an assortment of pinks from ipsy and ones I’ve bought on my own. Hoping to get some different colors from them in the next bag! I have not tried … Read More »

My Natural Hair Regimen: Part I & II

5th April

The HIGHLY requested series is finally here! My natural hair care regimen broken ALL the way down, step by step.  So for those who’ve asked about the specifics of how I care for my natural hair (especially those newly naturals), WELCOME to my wash day! It took so long to do this because I really wanted to plan out the best way to bring you all along. Lighting, angles and such got in the way. For example I shot the Cleanse & Condition footage twice before I got to this final product. Needless to say it’s been a long time coming, so I hope it’s helpful!

PART 1 (10 minutes): This video highlights how I prep my hair for wash day. I always get questions about single strand knots and tangles after wearing a wash ‘n go for 4-5-6 days. Pre-pooing … Read More »

50K Giveaway Week 1: Soufeel Charm Bracelet

4th April

It’s BACK!

I’m bringing back a giveaway I tried last year after my blog failed me. I absolutely love the charm bracelet that I designed for my mom and I. This one has several different general charms on it (with a few extra spares) and is valued at OVER $100.

Check out the rules below to enter and good luck!


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Subscribe Yo! – KGs 50k Giveaway!!!

3rd April

I recently reached 50,000 subscribers on YouTube and have tried to figure out how to thank my viewers. I wish I was a baller/shot caller so that I could give everyone an iPad or iPhone or something.

“You get an iPad, you get an iPad, you get an iPad!”….but I’m not about that life, YET! LOL!

Instead I’m going to host a giveaway every week this month! YAY!

How to WIN:

1. Subscribe to my BLOG: Well DUH! You can’t find out what I’m giving away any other way! Plus you’ll get an email from me here and there with the latest from me with more monthly giveaways! :)

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I’m a TV Star!

31st March

JOKES! I’m not really a TV star but I did make a TV debut on the 19th of this month. Last year I applied to be on a show called “Let’s Ask America”, a game show that airs in select markets. You answer random questions based on polling in hopes to winning up to $50,000! In the clip below you’ll see how random the questions were and my little introduction. :) Check out this shot of me with the other contestants!


My strategy was to think of the logical answer and choose the opposite one as my answer. I forgot about my master plan and answered logically….but you’ll have to watch this clip to see what happens! I had the air date in my phone but was in Florida for work. I tried to look up the show and JUST my luck … Read More »

Style Icon: Diana Ross

25th March

Hey Loves, new hair tutorial! This time I decided to try a style from eons ago, well like 2 years ago. I had a photo shoot to do for a competition and Timothy Paule ( took some killer shots! I didn’t even recognize myself! LOL!

Anywho, this time I made the style a little more fancy with more of a twisted look. A subscriber on YouTube also mentioned that this would be a good way to moisturize and stretch your hair for a nightly routine. LOL! Comment below and let me know what you think!

Check out my latest VLOG! Just a small update on what’s been going on lately.

Peace & Blessings,

Swept Away:: A Natural Hairstyle

23rd March

Calling all lazy naturals! Welcome to a tutorial of one of the easiest and most simple styles I’ve ever worn. In the video below, you’ll see I stretched my hair, but if your hair is already stretched, moisturized and ready to style you are less than 5 minutes away from spicing up your look.

Now, I have a lot of hair so my initial attempts at this style years ago was a fail. Using bobby pins (even large ones) would not keep my hair in place. I’ve also tried those comb looking hair accessories, and smaller clips. My hair would become this annoyance over the hours of the day, every time! I would constantly try to secure the bobby pins my hair would push out, or re-apply the comb accessory to the side of my hair only to have it fall … Read More »

Couples 123 Tag | The KG Lifestyle

14th March

My boyfriend and I decided…well more like I decided and coerced him to do this tag with me. We didn’t stick to the rules and he often flat out made up his own rules, but we had fun! 

See more of me and my Boo-Thang on my vlog channel!

Peace & Blessings,





Stuffed Portobellas Stuffed Me!

12th March

YUMMY! That’s how I describe this dish! I’ve chopped, sauteed and grilled portobello mushrooms, but this is the 1st time I’ve stuffed them. Talk about filling!

I had to look up what a portobello/a mushroom actually was! It’s just a mature common white mushroom. Containing potassium and antioxidants, the common mushroom can reduce your chances of getting breast cancer. Couple that with green tea and reduce your odds even more…well that’s according to Wikipedia.

I looked up a recipe or two for stuffed mushrooms and omitted half of the ingredients and added my own. Hope you enjoy! Again another easy and relatively quick recipe that’s great for vegans (omit the cheese) or vegetarians!

KG’s Stuff Me Stuffed Portobellas

- 4 large portabella mushrooms cleaned

- 3 tbls of extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil

- 1 cup of carrots shredded or thinly sliced

- 1 can … Read More »

Refinement: The KG Lifestyle

11th March

CHANGES! I’ve meant to do a slight re-branding for awhile now. I think my videos have kind of been all over place, inconsistent and unreliable. Recently, I’ve made a new commitment to do better. This change comes at a time where I feel like I’m purging my bad habits from my 20s – procrastination, irresponsibility, plain laziness. Now that I’m 30 I’m taking things to a new level. Interesting enough it took a binge viewing of one of my favorite blogger/vlogger’s content to inspire me to do better. Shirley B Eniang. If you don’t know about her you better ask somebody! Her content is clean, bright and refreshing compared to the same ole videos you see on YouTube (no shade, mine included). Shirley also introduced me to Majestic Casual, a bad azz channel featuring the type of music I LOVE – electronic, … Read More »

ipsy Glam Bag February 2014

8th March

Love makeup! You might be able to tell from some of my old posts and videos but lately I have COMPLETELY fallen off. I have an ipsy Glam Bag subscription, and squeal when a new bag comes in the mail. I open the bag and get so excited about all the new items in the bag. Then I set it aside and leave no time to actually use them. Well…maybe  I use one or two of the items but put them down shortly after. This has been going on for almost 6 months! 6 months of product just sitting there.

It definitely had something to do with moving, and then just the loss of interest in looking good. Crazy….when I think about it now, but I see how easily it happened. I used to get ready and go to work everyday. But … Read More »

BCBG Basics: Shoe Addict Confessions

6th March

Hi, my name is Kala and I’m a shoe addict. What’s crazy about this little tidbit of knowledge is that I’m just now realizing it. LOL! Had no idea I was into shoes like…GASP…my mother!

Nothing makes me happier than to find a fly pair of shoes on SALE! These little beauties were about 80% off at the BCBG Max Azria in my local mall. To be honest I had my eye on these for a while. Months in fact. BCBG is one of my favorite stores to browse (and buy from on occasion) whenever I go to the mall. I was hoping I could get these during the holiday on sale (as they are retailed at $195.00), but even when they were 60% off my size wasn’t available! UGH!

My lucky day: Boo-thang and I went to see “About Last Night” … Read More »

Flavor Your Chicky Chickpeas!

5th March

Beans,  beans, they’re good for your heart… lol! My brother would finish that jingle. Anywhoo, do you like chickpeas? Garbanzo beans? Same thing, they’re a great source of fiber,  iron, folate, phosphorous, protein and can even lower your cholesterol! As a Pescetarian I’m pretty fond of them. I’ve made patties for burgers, hummus and just cook them in veggie stir-fry dishes during the week. Like this one! This recipe is super quick and easy, I’ll make sure to record a video for it one day, but until then try it out!

The key to this dish is the texture of the beans. I get my beans by bulk and soak them over night in a bowl of water or cheat by buying them canned. If you buy dry beans soaking is crucial to making sure that the … Read More »

LOVEly Surprises: My 2014 VDAY

3rd March


There is nothing more exciting than opening up a gift from one of your favorite stores. Boo-Thang came over on Valentine’s Day with roses, this lovely set from Banana Republic and breakfast in hand. We both worked from home that day and went out to dinner that night. My secondary love language is Gifts so I was excited to see if what he got me fit my taste and style. YUP! LOL! I’ve been looking for more statement necklaces and this had been added to the collection. I’ve worn it multiple times but more recently to Dark & Lovely’s #LovemyCURLS event in the city. You’ll see this piece in some upcoming videos and OOTDs. Stay tuned!

Peace & Blessings,






Date Night Updo with TGIN Product Review

28th February

 Owwww, it’s date night! I tried using some rollers on the front section of my hair with TGIN’s Moist Collection for Natural Hair. It was the first time that I set my hair without using a setting lotion (usually containing alcohol) for hold. It turned out well if you ask me! Check it out and tweet me to let me know what you thought.

I want to try and do more hairstyles period. LOL, I usually am less than impressed by my twist outs and thangs, so I revert to my wash n go week in and week out. Now that’s getting old. So let me know what you think about this style and what other types of styles you’d like to see! Oh yeah, hit me up on IG too! Oh yeah, that’s Boo-Thang in the video. … Read More »

Donde Estas KALA!

19th February

Yes…yes, I know…it’s been awhile. To be honest I actually forgot about my blog.

LOL! Not really….but it’s definitely been on the back burner lately. If you watch my vlogs you’ll know that I recently got a new job: THANK YOU JESUS, HALLELUJAH! I’m still in the network engineering field, but have been blessed to work on a national team in a slightly less technical capacity.

Oh! Did I mention that the job is in NEW JERSEY!?! Central Jersey to be exact. It’s kinda cold here. HA! It’s SUPER cold here….below freezing temps in the middle of day…wind that literally blows you away. And the sun? What sun? Yeah, I recently realized that I’ve got SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder (the Winter Blues). It’s real, I promise! Look it up!

Anywho, the transition to the east coast has definitely been just that..a major … Read More »

Ayeee to Mondayyyy! 11/4/13 Vlog

5th November

This is so funny! I thought that I would not have enough time to edit vlogs but here I find myself not having time to update my BLOG!

I’ll find my way eventually y’all! So Monday’s are usually a slow day for me. I try not to plan too much because I’m usually trying to recover from the whirlwind of the weekend. This Monday was pretty much the same. Check out my day here. I made a Fast “oopsie” but got my life soon after a reminder from the boo-thang.

Oh and if y’all didn’t know I’ll be travelling next week (SO EXCITED)! I will be resting a lot and meditating and reading. My goal is to do an hour of Yoga every morning so this week I’ll be getting up a little earlier every day. Also, as an update, instead of … Read More »

11/2 & 11/3 Vlogs!

4th November

Sooo….I see these daily blog posts will be sporadic! I’ll copy Naptural85 and just say that they will be ALMOST be daily. LOL!

This weekend was super busy! Michigan vs. MSU Tailgate game was fun! I wore my favorite SDSU sweater which just so happens to be grey and red (Ohio State’s colors). GREEEAAATT! I was so mad people were asking why I wore Ohio’s colors. LOL! Oh well. Not much happened after the game. Check out my Sat. here:

Sunday was another busy day. Starting off with church and an AWESOME message about those things that God hates! Prov 6:16 and Rev. 2:2-7 were referenced to teach about how we all need to look in the mirror and tell ourselves the TRUTH! We’ve got to admit that somethings that have become acceptable in society God hates. Furthermore there are things  God … Read More »

TGIF! For Real!

2nd November

Yesterday was an awesome day! I was exhausted from editing the night before but I just kept on goin’! I have a theory, if you’re Friday is eventful, your weekend will go by much slower! So I went in!

1st it was lunch with my Soror Kim at Southern Nosh in Southfield. I’d wanted to visit this place for awhile because they serve vegetarian soul food! YAS! I go the Cajun Cutlet, mac n cheese and sweet potato fries. I was great! I definitely want to try some of their other dishes soon.

After work I went to happy hour with a few friends for a coworker’s birthday that I organized. Almost everyone who RSVP’d showed up which was great! I was so tired after a glass of wine and a cocktail!

We left 3 hours later and I just wanted to home. … Read More »

“No comments!” and Daily Blogging!?!?!

31st October

Hey y’all!  2 quick things:

I’ve gotten your messages, your tweets and I hear you Nicole (friend) about the Soufeel giveaway.  My site just went through some changes behind the scenes and it’s not allowing comments at the moment.

Sooooo pleaseeeeee go here on Facebook and comment on the post featuring the giveaway! I want to be fair and make sure that everyone interested is able to enter.

Secondly…..*DRUM ROLL PLEASE* I will be blogging (and maybe vlogging) EVERYDAY in November! YES, I’ll be snapping pictures throughout my day to feature here on and vlogging too! Here’s the thing, I know how annoying it can be to get emails daily from a site, so I’d like to make sure you all aware of your subscription options.

By clicking on “Manage Subscriptions” you can manage how often, if at all, you’d like to receive emails from … Read More »

LOOKBOOK: Falling for Dresses

17th October


This jacket gives me LIFE! It’s the Brief Slim Fit Biker Jacket from ROMWE (links below) and it’s my current fav! Now, I’m all about the truth telling life and I must admit it’s a bit small for my frame. But ask me if I care. The sleeves are actually longer than some of my other jackets and it zips (barely)! I hope you enjoy these shots and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so that you can be entered into the giveaway to win a $50 gift card from ROMWE! YES, this giveaway is international! :)



Look 1

Brief Slim Fit Biker Jacket-

Dress- Pitaya

Tights – Forever 21 (their plus size tights are longer with the same stretch!)

Scarf- 2b

Boots- Guess (from TJ Maxx)

Read More »

Satin Strip Braid Out

11th October

Here it is! After many many requests, here’s how I blended my straight ends with my curly hair when I transitioned from heat damage. We all have our reasons for big chopping or NOT big chopping. If you’re transitioning ROCK OUT that hair ladies! Use your transitioning period to learn you hair and when you’re ready, CUT IT! :) Stay tuned for more style for transitioners! Enjoy!

This is also a great way to preserve your ends whether you’re transitioning or not!

Did you find this video helpful? Like, Subscribe, Comment and Share!

Qhemet Biologics Products used in this video:

Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee:
Burdock Root Butter Cream:
Use the Aethiopika Hydrate & Twist Butter for your ends!:

The OLD Satin Braid Out video….for laughs! LOL!

Peace & Blessings,

cUrLs, cUrLs, cUrLs: Flexi Rod Set

9th October

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Big Hair, DON’T Care! I recently revisited the flexi rod set and created a long awaited tutorial for it using NEW products.

I love this look SO MUCH, it creates curls that really give me the volume I wish I had naturally.

You can create the look you want with natural hair and I wanted big curly hair for The She Is Project Launch Event. Check out how I got ready for the event and how I made my flexi rod set SERVE the big hair I wanted!

Remember that your hair has SUPER POWERS! All you have to do is learn it, learn to love it and DO IT! :) Until next time…

Peace & Blessings,

ROMWE Giveaway

4th October

YAY! I’ve finally kicked off my WEEKLY giveaway series! I love to give back to my supporters to show them just how much I appreciate their love and support. This has been in the works for awhile so I’m so happy to finally kick it off! I’ll be giving away something related to fashion, beauty or health EVERY Friday!

This week I’m giving away TWO pairs of leggings from JUST in time for fall and the colder months. If chosen as one of the winners you’ll get to choose one of the over 500 pairs here: AND, this week’s giveaway is international! :)

This Week’s Entry Rules:

1. Subscribe to receive updates from Chances are you’re already subscribed if you saw this post by email ;)

2. Sign up at Romwe

3. Subscribe Romwe channel

That’s it! The … Read More »

The Hair…Lately

3rd October


I’m here for it, all day errday. I love changing up my look and using different styles to help me reflect how I’m feeling. I’ve been all over the place lately and my hair has reflected that.

Check out my latest hairstyles and let me know if you’ve tried any of them lately!

Flat Twist Out on Flat Ironed Hair

Straightening My Hair (damage -free I might add)

Super Duper EASY waves on Flat Ironed Hair

What to do when your ‘do is a FAIL!

It’s BACK! The Faux Hawk with clear shots and narrated instructions!

OOTD: Jet Setter

3rd October

If you’ve followed me for awhile you ALLLLLready know I love to travel! I call myself a Jet Setter:

Jet Set:

a.  a rich and fashionable social set the members of which travel widely for pleasure.

So I’m for SHO not rich (I’ll accept the fashionable part) but I do make travelling a priority! Recently went to Cali, Chicago and the NY/NJ area and decided to make a video about what I like to wear when I travel. Overall my fit MUST be comfortable. I got a few pieces from  Romwe to complete this look. Check it out!

What do you wear when travelling? Do you prefer to be cute over comfortable?



T-Shirt/Tunic (Sold Out, something similar):

My hair in the video (Day 2):

And of course if you are interested in planning a trip or want to go somewhere, check out my … Read More »

Janelle Monae is The Electric Lady

29th August

YASSSSSS! That was the exact word that came from me when I got an email from announcing that Janelle Monae would be at PV Lounge in Detroit last night promoting her new CD The Electric Lady (September 10).

I own each Suite from Janelle Monae.  My favorite is the last however: (The ArchAndroid). Cold War being on of my favorites on the album as well as Tightrope, which she performed at the Noble Peace Prize Concert. J.Monae embodies so many of the qualities I venture to possess. She is my role model. Meeting her was definitely a highlight of my ENTIRE life. She is an activist, a pop star and a Cover Girl! She uses her voice to define herself and gives a voice to so many other black girls around the world. She’s fearless. Her lyrics are so powerful and heavy. She charges … Read More »

OUTFIT: Stripes & Spots

20th August

This month I got some cool goodies from Daily Look and managed to put them together all into one outfit! I was totally surprised that the blazer was so well made. The statement necklace and bangle are of equal quality and just awesome pieces! Buttoned up the blazer definitely gives off a more professional vibe. Something great to wear to a happy hour or mixer. I threw in another pattern for contrast using my high-waisted SUPER comfortable shorts. To give the outfit a couple of pops of color I grabbed my bright magenta wedges with earrings to match. this outfit was so comfortable! The blazer actually buttoned without too much of a struggle but I prefer the look with it unbuttoned


Totally satisfied with what I got from Daily Look! Can’t wait to pair the … Read More »

It’s Back! Summer of Code!

13th August

So if you’ve been a long time follower of mine you know that I love to volunteer and spread the word about an organization that teaches young Black girls the many faucets of coding and technology, called Black Girls Code. Last year I had a blast volunteering and helping out and this year it’s back! Check out how you could win  a live video consultation with me by donating to a great cause! It’s win-win-win!

Peace & Blessings,


Summer Morning-OOTD

11th August

I was on a mission to get to church early this morning! Last night I decided that since I didn’t get my 45 minute step aerobics session done that I needed to do Yoga in the morning. The studio I go to (got that $30 for 20 class Groupon-BOOP) only holds morning classes on the weekends so church at 8:45am was my only option if I wanted to get to my 11:15am Slow Flow on the Wall class!

8:45am it was (I was 10 minutes late :-/) and when I got back I felt cute enough to break out the T3i! Not with the 18-55mm lens tho. With that good ol’ 50mm..BAM! LOL! I take great pride in getting dressed for church. I have a mother who was raised in the country down South and it’s just a simple requirement to … Read More »

It’s About Time: GYL Savings Challenge

10th August

YUP! I finally posted a video about the way I TRY to manage my money and how I plan to do better. The Get My Life Savings Challenge is a personal challenge that I’ve invited you all to try with me! Let’s get it ladies!

There is no reason that we shouldn’t have what we want! I want something (a complete 8 month emergency fund) so I’m going to get my life and be about THAT life to get it! What is it that you want? Make a goal and set up your budget. We can keep each other on track for the remainder of the year and share ideas!

Check out the details below and let me know if you’ll be joining me!

Peace & Blessings.


Natural and Organic Skin Care

9th August

Sooo, for those of you who have followed my channel for awhile you may have noticed a few dark spots on my forehead. Let’s not get it twisted, I am blessed. I don’t have bad acne that’s uncontrollable, in fact when I go on a juicing binge (lol) my skin looks luminous! But I like cheese, and chocolate and cheese and apple blossoms and cheese too! I don’t always remember to use my Mario Badescu Drying Lotion or my Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque from Kiehl’s  or even my PMD (Personal Microderm). So an occasional breakout leads to hyper-pigmented spots and THEN I usually forget to use my Vitamin E Oil on them to help them fade. TOO much right?!?!  WELP, Antipodes Skin Care to the rescue! I love this stuff.

I have now used these products for a month and am … Read More »

Black Hair Kitchen Expo- Washington DC

8th August

If you weren’t in the house, you MISSED OUT! It was a great event to attend while in DC during Delta Sigma Theta’s Centennial Convention! The months leading up to the event were filled with anticipation and I was ecstatic at how many people mentioned that would be there! One of my favorite things to do (in life) is meet the faces behind the views, the comments and supporting love!


And so I packed about a month’s worth of clothing for my week long trip to DC to bask in the Soror-Fantastic atmosphere and to meet friends that would be in the house! :)

I played dressed up in a few outfits and took pictures because I had doubts I’d remember what went together! Lol. Pictured above was the planned Expo outfit….

One of my supporters … Read More »

It’s KNOT About You!

10th July

Hey Hey!!!!

I’m finally launching a t-shirt that I feel reflects my theory about natural hair, the movement and its affects on the community. Too often I feel as though we are too focused on other people and ourselves. The natural hair movement has brought some very vain personalities out in some of us (I’m including myself at times). Others seem SO focused on the personal choices that other people make with their OWN hair and body.

The IDEA: I thought about this concept sitting in Bible study one night. It’s a motto that I’ve used in the past when I feel fear or unworthiness creep up on me. I re-adjust my thoughts knowing that this life we live here is NOT about us. It’s about fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives. There’s a double meaning … Read More »

Feature on

19th June

Summa Time w/Daily Look

17th June

Summer brings me happiness! As a San Diego native, winter used to be my favorite season. A San Diego winter that is, slightly rainy 6-7 days during the winter months, LOL.  so now that I’m in Michigan I BASK in the sunshine and soak up all that I possibly can! Here are a couple of outfits I put together for leisurely outings. Let me know what you think! :) 


Check out the video for more details! :)


Lace Insert Tunic-Daily Look


Tights- Forever 21

Flats-DV (Nordstrom)


Sandals-DV (Nordstrom)

Tribal Choker-Daily Look

Earrings-For Love

2013 Ford Freedom Awards

30th April

Ford is proud to honor Congressman John Lewis (D-GA), Mrs. Johnnie Carr and Viola Liuzzo, three “Quiet Heroes” of African-American advancement at the Ford Freedom Awards May 10 at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American history.

Get your tickets now!


2 Spring Looks with Daily Look

25th April

I recently went to Daily Look to find out what all the fuss was about. Month after month I saw that Clothes Encounters (one of my favorite styling channels) featured the site in some of the looks that they put together. It was a super cool site and I loved the looks they put together. Check out my video of the two looks i put together! I can’t wait until it warms up so that my Spring Look Book will be revelant. It snowed yesterday and is currently storming as I pen this article. Le sigh.

Have you ordered anything from Daily Look?



You Betta Know It!

25th April

4 Things Every Curly/Coily Should Know

Dryness is the enemy: You may be tired of hearing about keeping your hair moisturized, but it can’t be emphasized enough! The weather and other elements attack our coily hair and dry it out. Using a moisturizer daily or when needed is important when trying to prevent breakage and promotes growth and shine.


Oil could be the enemy: If you’re applying oil to your hair to “seal” the cuticle and wondering why your hair looks dry regardless, you may be applying your oil at the wrong time during your regimen. Applying oil to your hair before your leave-in conditioner or moisturizer closes the cuticle. This blocks the moisture you’re attempting to add to your hair. Oil is like a cherry on an ice cream sundae for your hair. It ‘tops’ off your … Read More »

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25th April

Styling Videos All May!

24th April

It’s been quite a while since I’ve created a styling tutorial on my channel. So I’ve decided to post a hair-styling video every week next month!

Week 1:


Week 2:


Which style would you like to see created next?

Bantu Knot Out

Roller Set

Straight Hair

Blow Out free polls 

Peace & Blessings,



Baked Sweet Potato Fries

23rd April

Up until last year I made fries with yellow or red potatoes. They were fried most times, seldom baked. Then somehow I discovered sweet potato fries. My love for sweet potato fries ran deep, but I had never made them myself. So I looked up a recipe and tried them! This dish is now a staple in my kitchen. A quick side dish for a meal tossed in garlic and Parmesan cheese or for dessert tossed in brown sugar and cinnamon. Check out the video below and try them out!

Do you cook sweet potato fries? Do you fry them? Bake them?

P.S. For crisper fries, coat with oil and cook on 450 degrees F.

The Q-Redew Hair Steamer

22nd April

Over the winter my hair was so angry at me. At first I thought it was because I was neglecting it, but in retrospect my regimen really wasn’t that different than in other seasons. I really thought that the wash n go winter I’d hoped for was not possible. Until one day the Q-Redew came into my life and everything changed. I used it to re-shape  and restore moisture in my hair mid-week. After a few uses I realized that I COULD wash n go each with just 2 extra minutes added to my regimen mid-week! My schedule and my hair didn’t suffer. As the weather warms up I still use the Q-Redew to re-shape my hair and it’s the best de-tangler I’ve heard used (stay tuned for that instructional vid).

Check out the videos below and let me know your thoughts on … Read More »

Shea Moisture Color System Review

11th April

I colored my hair using the new Shea Moisture Hair Color System in Dark Golden Blonde. After watching several reviews I knew that I would need to apply the color twice (one to lighten, one to color), so I bought two boxes (from Target) and applied each two weeks apart. Have you applied color to your natural hair using the Shea Moisture Color system? What has your experience with it? Enjoy!

Peace & Blessings


Beaz & Honey Accessories

5th April

I’m addicted to positive energy. I gravitate towards it. I stop and shake its hand. I give it a hug and hope some of it rubs off on me. So, I was naturally stoked when I was recently made aware of Beaz & Honey an online vintage accessory store for every woman from every women. Beaz & Honey is from the creators of Y.A.B. or Young, Ambitious and Beautiful. The women of Y.A.B. ooze positivity and I was so excited to  share their new venture with you all.

More Info:

Beaz & Honey is an e-commerce website focused on handmade and vintage apparel, shoes, and accessories for every woman from every woman. Unlike many popularized online consignment shops, the motto of Beaz & Honey is “from my closet…to yours”. The purpose is for women of all age categories to come together and share their unique style and iconic … Read More »

BHP? The KG Theory?

22nd March

Have you ever stretched yourself so thin you fell flat in your endeavors? Welp, that was me. I took on too much with Black Hair Power, The KG Theory AND The KG Lifestyle YouTube Channel. So, I’ve streamlined some thangs. All of my creative outlets and interests right here on The KG Lifestyle (Blog Edition). If you were a follower of my old sites, THANK YOU! I think you’ll find that the information here is much more organized and easy to find. Black Hair Power will continue to be a place where you can share your stories of triumph and how your hair care journey has changed you. The KG Theory will still contain posts of opinion, favorites and randoms. And now there’s MORE!

I’m so thankful and blessed for the opportunity to share my lifestyle with you all. I hope that … Read More »

Plantain Candy

21st March

Plantains are one of my top 5 favorite foods! I love to fry them in coconut oil and recently tried making them more of a dessert. I buy 4-5 at a time at my fruit and veggie market and patiently wait for them to ripen to my liking. Enjoy my recipe and let me know what you think about the video? Easy/difficult to follow? My goal is to make my recipe videos quick and easy to follow so I want to hear from you!


Fruit & Veggie Haul

21st March

Find a local fruit and veggie market near you to save on fresh produce. Click HERE to search or Google “Fruits and vegetable market near [Insert Zip Code here]“.

Pitaya Haul

20th March

Love this little neighborhood boutique. 

They are located in various cities across the US (including Detroit!)

Check out my Haul video on thekglifestyle :)

OOTD: Color at Work

19th March

Color and I are like coconut oil and my hair. We just go together. I wear pops of color everyday to work, but I’m very aware that too much color could be a distraction. Initially I was afraid of wearing my new bright orange skinny jeans from Urban Outfitters but went for it by playing the brightness down.  I paired the jeans with an oversized jean blazer also from U.O. and a shirt from NY &amp; Company. My necklace was also from U.O. in gold. Brown flats (from GAP) were an obvious choice for shoes as black would too dark and any other bright color would overdo it.

By the end of the day I was more than comfortable in my orange jeans, lol. I’ll be challenging myself more to play with color at work from now on! :) I swooped my old curls to the side with … Read More »

Side Stage with Black Star

18th March

I’m a huge hip-hop fan! Although my jazz phase kept me from most of the classic hip-hop growing up, I’ve embraced the music in my 20s. One of my favorite groups/artists are Talib Kweli and Mos Def of Black Star. Tyi3284 let me know about a show sponsored by Live Nation in Detroit. I rarely pass up on seeing one of my favs so I had an idea of what I would wear before I had tickets!

I rocked a black vest over a light brown A-tank and pink corduroys with my new shoes from Old Navy (LookBook coming soon!)

My Wash ‘n Go!


Curly Girl Tag

17th March

I was tagged a number of times and finally got around to taping this! :)

Enjoy! Leave a comment here or on the video asking your curly hair questions! :)

Me & NaturallyCurly

14th March

Read Up!

I write regularly for My articles highlight all kinds of cool tidbits like how honey could cure your allergies as well as give you shiny hair and clear skin. Check out my articles at the link below! :)

See the latest from Kala, HERE.


KG’s Salmon Croquettes

12th March

Yummmy! When I’m looking for something quick and tasty to cook that will give me a little protein, I usually opt for a croquette. My croquette isn’t really mine, it’s Paula’s. Mrs. Dean’s quick recipe doctored up = my recipe.

I’m not a huge fan of bread crumbs so I substitute panko (Japanese flakes) and also add some onions, garlic, maybe even mushrooms if I have any to my mixture. After coating the mixture in panko and frying each side for 7-ish minutes I eat them alone, in my salads, atop creamy rice, etcc. etc. A drizzle of fresh lemon juice makes all the difference!

Check the recipe here. Want to see how I create my version? Let me know in the comment section!



SO FIERCE! Chanel Iman

1st March



 Black = Beautiful!

Peace & Blessings,


Flowers From Fatima: Valentine’s Day Special!

13th February

I love small businesses! The owners put so much into what they do with love and care. Here’s a recent company that I came across that makes beautiful hair accessories perfect for the natural hair divas!

Introducing…Flowers From Fatima:

Flowers From Fatima is a blossoming online boutique that carries handmade hair flowers and accessories for women with natural hair. You can find anything from romantic hair clips and trendy headbands for casual wear and special occasions! With Valentine’s Day approaching, hair candy from Flowers From Fatima makes the perfect gift. PROM season is also approaching. Flowers From Fatima has a couture line of accessories that are embellished with Swarovski Crystals for the girls who love to SHINE. 

Here’s a treat! Get a 25% discount with the code: “KGT25.” when you order from Flowers From Fatima!!!

Peace & Blessings,


Anita Baker: She’s BACK!

7th February

This single has been out for awhile, but Ms.Baker is out there promoting it! This woman’s spirit and VOICE just give me life! Love her and this song! Take a listen.


I met my favorite artist of all time! Read about it here.

Peace & Blessings,


Love at First Sight Collab with LHDC 2011

6th February

My Flat Ironed Natural Hair

14th January

On My Radio: Koku Gonza

13th December

Loving this artist! Just discovered her and SO wish I was in New York to come to her show TONIGHT!

Take a listen to her soulful music! Refreshing, feel good tunes.

I will definitely be in the house at her next Chicago/Midwest show!

See details below and support if your in the NYC area! :)

Complimentary Event Premiums:

1.  SoUL Beautiful Gift Bag (everyone)

2.  71 Jules Multifaceted Dress (1 Person)

3.  Experience SoUL Beautiful LIVE! (EVERYONE)

Peace & Blessings,


A World Wide Woman!

6th December


Eiffel Tower-Paris, France

I’ve been putting off this post in hopes that I don’t wake up from the DREAM that this trip was. But it’s inevitably over and the sooner I realize it the sooner I’ll start getting my stacks up so that I can take another excursion. LOL!

How it all started:

For YEARS I had dreams of traveling to Morocco. In fact since 2009, when I lived in Sudan, Morocco became a desired destination for me. Unfortunately, living on my English teacher salary did not grant me that wish (although I was blessed to see Dubai, Ethiopia and Egypt). So I had to table Morocco….for sometime. Last year (2011) I started saving for the trip and planned it accordingly. After researching, researching and researching I decided to go when the busy season was dying down; in November. Prospective flights … Read More »

OOTD: Hello Winter!

6th December

While shopping in Marrakech, I stumbled (yeah right) upon a Zara at the Marrakech Plaza (Aldo and Etam also had stores there). Of course I browsed and tried on almost 10 things, but in the end I decided on only this wonderful dress. I put it on hold for 2 days (store policy) before I just went for it. It’s called the Fitted Checked Dress, and oh is it fitted! LOL! Perfect for Sunday morning or a business meeting, I absolutely LOVE how it feels on. I find myself wondering if I had clothing tailored for me if this is how it would feel…

I had no choice but to have a photo shoot showcasing this creation in the comfort of my living room, lol. The masks on each side of me are from a trip to Ghana years ago. They made me feel like a … Read More »

Winter Castor Oil Challenge

30th November

Join me in a challenge using castor oil this winter!

 My Goals:

1. Healthier Scalp

2. Thicker Hair

3. Split-End ATTACK!


Apply a mixture or just plain castor oil to your scalp and ends of hair every other day or as often as you see fit. Let’s grow thicker, healthier hair this winter! Challenge ends March 1st, 2013

Peace & Blessings,


AMG Boutique Review with OOTDs!

26th November

KG on the Cover of KIK!!!

1st November

 Coming soon! 


I am on the cover of the December 2012 issue of Keep It Kinky Magazine. 

Check out the site and enter the current giveaway! :)


Peace &amp; Blessings,



Book Signing: Paul C. Brunson

29th October

I first heard of Paul Brunson from the articles he writes for Essence on dating and relationships. His advice about how to go about the dating world in the world we live in now, is refreshing because it’s no non-sense. I’ve re-twittered a many of his tips and articles. I appreciate him breaking down the facts and encouraging us single ladies to “be real and honest”. When I heard about his new book I was excited to get my hands on it and then I found out that he was coming to Detroit. YASSSSS!

I appreciate him coming to the city I feel is often skipped over and that suit jacket.

The event was held at Prive Duex and was intimate and comfortable. I grabbed a seat towards the front with no expectations. I definitely was hoping to learn a thing or two though!

Brunson breaks … Read More »

Curly Nikki Motions Chicago Meetup

24th October

After seeing headlines read ” Curly Nikki Goes (insert city)” or “Curly Nikki Takes (insert town)” forever I finally got notice that Chicago was next. As a current Detroit resident I travel to Chicago fairly often so reading “Chicago” didn’t phase me. I knew I had to be there for the fun. And it was FUN! With lots of beautiful women sporting natural hairstyles and chic ensembles to match! I love being in the presence of positive women with a common interest.

I also reunited with my big sister Michelle Breyer (Co-Founder of at the event!

Celebrity Hairstylist Ursula Stephens , Michelle Breyer and Curly Nikki

Celebrity Hairstylist Ursula Stephens explains the products and techniques she used on each model’s hair.

Curly girls look on…

Downstairs Japonais Restaurant created a chic, elegant atmosphere.

Happy curly girls with … Read More »

WHY I Vlog: The KG Lifestyle

15th October

So a couple of weeks ago I was twittering (I’m full aware that it’s “tweeting”, I just like the way twittering sounds better, lol) one of my favorite vloggers Judy from itsJudysLife. Judy and I have twittered back and forth a couple of times previously (which helps me validate how much time I spend on her channel), so I didn’t think anything of it. This tweet was just a spur of the moment thought about vlogging and how I think it’s a great way to learn things about everyday life (not the “reality” we’re sold on TV).

To my surprise Judy replied! *GASP*

Something clicked for me. I’ve been vlogging this past summer with “plans” to edit the hours of footage I took and converted and uploaded. LOL! Never did post though. … Read More »

Easy Updo/FauxHawk on Natural Hair

15th October

Black Girls Code: Knowledge is POWER!

8th October

A week or so ago Black Girls Code came to Detroit! I was so excited because after hearing about this AWESOME organization on Twitter I was looking for opportunities to get involved. They strive to reach girls who would not otherwise get access to this type of knowledge or opportunity:

“BlackGirlsCode has set out to prove to the world that girls of every color have the skills to become the programmers of tomorrow. By promoting classes and programs we hope to grow the number of women of color working in technology and give underprivileged girls a chance to become the masters of their technological worlds.” - Black Girls Code

After completing the volunteer application I was set to help as a non-technical volunteer.  I attended  the volunteer training the night before the program day where we packed the registration bags and organized materials for the girls. I thought it was amazing … Read More »

KG’s Beautiful Textures NYFW Adventure!

13th September

KG had so much fun last week in New York during her Beautiful Textures Fashion Week Adventure! After her makeover, co-hosting along side some of her biggest inspirations at the Beautiful Textures Curl Couture event AND having backstage access to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week shows she was in a whirlwind of her own fantasy land! She was even caught by Essence for their Street Style coverage of Fashion Week!

Check out some of her coverage posted on and the Beautiful Textures Facebook page! you can also catch some of her live interviews on the naturallycurlydotcom YouTube channel!




Newbie Tips

1st September

Are you a newbie? Getting started can be a daunting task but don’t fret! The first thing to do when transitioning or embarking on a healthy hair journey is to decide on a routine or regimen. It’s best to keep it simple when starting out so we’ve broken it down for you. There are a few things to consider when creating a regimen.

Start Here:

1. Cleanser/Co-Wash: Sulfate-free shampoo is best for curly-kinky-coily hair because it doesn’t strip the hair of its natural oils like sulfate containing shampoos do. Alternatively wash your hair with conditioner.

2. Conditioner: Always detangle your hair while wet and saturated with conditioner. Use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers, detangling from the ends on up.

3. Deep Conditioner: Apply a deep conditioner to your hair once a week. Cover your hair with … Read More »

Product Junkie?

1st September

When trying to find the best products for your hair it’s easy to become a product junkie. Even after you find a product you like, the thought there might be a better product out there looms on us. We’re here to help!

5 Tips to Combat Product Junkie-ism


Tip #1: Stick to buying products that mirror your regimen. 1- Cleanser, 1- Conditioner, 1-Deep Conditioner, 1-Leave-In Moisturizer/Styler,  1-Sealant

Tip #2: Pay attention to the labels! Make sure to take note of the ingredients that DON’T work for your hair to avoid unnecessary purchases. On the flip side buy 2-3 of a product that DOES work for your hair, especially when it’s on sale.

Tip #3: Don’t buy a new products until the product type has run out. Try your best not to get anxious when a new product comes on the market. If you have 3 … Read More »

Styling Theory – Stretch for Retention

1st September

If your goal is to have longer hair, you probably already know that retention is key. Making retention a priority in your hair care routine will produce results. Stretching your hair is just one technique. Our definition of retention is below:

Retention, (noun): The ability to retain the oldest most fragile parts of your hair (the ends) resulting in maximum preservation and length.

Naturally kinky-curly-coily hair tangles easily and if you enjoy wearing your hair in loose styles you could be keeping the hair from reaching it’s full length potential. When the hair is stretched it has a lower probability of tangling resulting in breakage. By using any of the techniques and styles below you can help ensure maximum retention by the stretching method!

Try one and let us know how it works out for you! Enjoy!

1) … Read More »

Styling Theory – Protective Styles for Retention

1st September

An important fact about Black hair is that the less we manipulate it the better for it. Curly-kinky-coily hair is fragile and the less you touch, comb, brush and manipulate it the better preserved it will be. Protective styles are a great way to keep your ends protected and your hair from breaking. Our definition of a protective style is below:

Protective Styling: A styling technique that keeps the ends of the hair from being exposed, resulting in optimal retention and length.

There are a number of wonderful protective styles to add to your regimen. You can be creative and come up with your own too! Just remember to keep those ends hidden! Here are a few of our favorites.

Did you find this article helpful? Leave a comment! Questions? Let us know! -BHP

Braid Outs – Your Next Go-To Style

1st September

“What can I do with my hair?” Is that your question? We may have a solution for you. It can be daunting when it comes to styling your hair. Maybe you’ve found a style you like but you’ve grown out of it or your bored with it. Braid-outs are a perfect way to keep your styling options endless.

Reasons Why Braid-Outs Could Be Your Next Go-to Style:

1. It’s easy! As long as you can braid a plait you can do this style!

2. It’s versatile! Once you braid out your hair the possibilities are endless. Pin it up, create a pompadour, bun it up….

3. It’s easy to maintain! After the initial style a two plait, four plait, or six plait up is all you need to do every 2-3 nights (or every night depending on preference).

4. It’s low manipulation! Low manipulative styles are essential to length retention (longer hair). Hair tools are … Read More »

Is Transitioning a Journey of Self-Discovery?

1st September

BHP’s definition of “Transitioning”: No longer using harsh chemicals or extreme heat that causes severe and/or permanent damage, leaving the hair somewhat unaltered.

Is it REALLY just hair?

Truthfully it can be just about the hair. But chances are, if you’re consistently getting to know your hair texture for the first time it’s not. So much goes into a woman’s appearance so it’s important to recognize how our hair relates to our well-being – mentally, spiritually, and physically- when embarking on any change.

 So you want to “go natural”?

There are a few questions you might want to ask yourself when deciding to wear and perhaps style your hair.

Grab a pen and paper and answer these questions to self-reflect and set some goals:

1. What does being natural mean to you?

2. How long have you altered your hair from it’s natural state?

Read More »

Makeup Tutorial? Noooot Really. LOL!

29th August

My latest attempt at being cute. LOL!

Leave a comment and let me know if you know of a beauty blogger or YouTuber that I can watch and learn from. Thank youuuu! :)

“She’s not REALLLLY Natural”

27th August

Author: Belinda Malone

Who Has the Right to Tell You What’s Natural?

The natural hair movement is more popular than ever before,  with an increasing number of women making the choice to go for the BC. Even the New York Times is running features on their online site about black women making the choice to ditch the chemical straighteners and embrace their naturally textured hair.

This is an amazing opportunity for women to finally accept the hair that God gave them and refuse to succumb to the pressure from society and the media to ‘westernize’ their looks. However, it is also a topic that is becoming increasingly politicised and women who haven’t transitioned seem to be coming under pressure from those who have been trying to push them to follow suit.



The multi-talented Solange Knowles has worn her hair … Read More »

Why Won’t My Hair Grow?!?! – Retention is Growth.

21st August

Why Won’t My Hair Grow?

Fashion Week: Beautiful Textures Winner!!!!

10th August

“AYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” That is exactly what I thought when I was received news that I won the Fashion Week Adventure Contest. Beyonce’s ‘Party’ started playing in my head cuz I knew that’s what this will be. A PARTY! I can’t wait to represent Beautiful Textures at Fashion Week in New York. This is such an awesome opportunity and I plan to make the most of it.

I would also just like to commend Beautiful Textures and their team on running a clean cut, fair and honest competition. The rules were not only clearly spelled out beforehand, but they were followed to a tee. I was among AWESOME women as a finalist and I know that it was difficult to pick a winner!


Peace & Blessings,


Trader Joe’s Haul

31st July

Lately I’ve only needed to go to Trader Joe’s once a month. I buy only a few fruits and/or veggies, my regular soy products, wine and snacks.

The Haircut: The Deva Way

18th July

Here is the series on my recent haircut! I went to Salon Spargo in Farmington Hills, MI and had my hair cut by Marni, a Devachan trained stylist.

Peace & Blessings,


Only For a Deserving King

5th July

When I heard about the Esperanza Spalding concert a couple of weeks ago here in Ann Arbor, MI I knew I would be in the house. There was no question. The show was amazing and there were many new songs from  “Radio Music Society” that I hadn’t heard yet. One in particular: “Crowned &amp; Kissed” left a lasting impression on me.

When you hear a song that peaks your interest so much so that you want to hear it again and again….you buy the CD. I was torn about which CD to get, until I saw that Crowned &amp; Kissed was on her latest. I got through the first two songs easily…..I loved them but wanted to get to the rest of the CD. I was stopped in my tracks (pun intended) because this 3rd track was on repeat for at least 2 … Read More »

Poems that Inspire Me

15th June

It’s funny. How fast people can spread the news about the latest brawl on Vh1′s Basketball Wives or Love &amp; Hip Hop. Then it perplexes me how easy it is to be ashamed of our own faith. The very basis that we choose to live by isn’t worthy of announcement or conversation? And I’m speaking from experience, no judgement here. There are days when I have to push myself back into a “faith place”. When I doubt, myself and my God I have to remind myself of who He is. I force myself to return to that place where I realize there is no room for doubt, and puuuuush forward.

I’ve included two poems that I enjoyed. Hope that they serve to inspire you to keep the faith or even acknowledge your faith.

Peace & Blessings,


OOTD: Black Summer

5th June

I’m loving BLACK for the summer so far. I usually pair a black shear shirt with a bright colored bottom or wear black accessories with a bright colored outfit. Here I paired a Forever 21 maxi dress with colorful accessories from Love 21.

Dress: Forever 21 (linked above)

Belt: For Love 21

Earrings: Forever 21

Shoes: Nine West (found at Marshall’s)


OOTD: Pick One

4th June

Yellow Jeans: Forever 21+

Both Shirts: Material Girl from Macy’s

Shoes: Nine West

RIng: H&amp;M

Bangle: For Love 21

Earrings: Thrifted

Peace & Blessings,


Music in the Video: Colors by KG

UPlift: Book Club Update! The Alchemist

10th May


30th April

Another great sampling of some pretty sensual music. I rocked these five songs all weekend. While my listening party included lots of wine and scented candles, I am equally enjoying them today, sober.

Take a listen and if you like download these treasures for free!

Peace & Blessings,


OOTD: Day to Night

20th April

“Am I Suspicious?” Campaign: Trayvon Martin

28th March

After seeing numerous reenactments of what we think went on the night Trayvon’s life was taken and the countless articles I’ve read on what so and so thinks should be done, I’ve came across this video. It’s like a refreshing glass of water in the desert sun! Another example of what happens when the evil forces of the world intend on producing more negativity and death, and GOD steps in to create multiple forces of positivity.


Racial tensions are high in America. The Hunger Games’ racist outcries, Awkward Black Girl Shorty Awards’ racist outcries, and George Zimmerman has STILL not been arrested. I hope more people start to organize and CONSTRUCT ways to work in their own communities to improve the issues that are clearly affecting our youth and our future.

Outside of my regular orgs, I’ve decided to look into the NAACP and Detroit 300.

Read More »


24th March

One of the most challenging obstacles for newly naturals is figuring out how to style hair with longevity. Whether you’re new to caring for your hair or a veteran, here you’ll find lots of hairstyling tutorials from YouTube to help! Stay tuned and bookmark this page to stay up-to-date on the hottest and freshest natural hairstyles!

The Power Question

24th March

We asked, you answered!

We wanted to know if people were empowered by their hair and if so, how? Your answers were long, short, personal and touching. Thank you for sharing your journeys with us! Would you like to be featured? Send a picture and your answer (no matter how short or long) to:

Tam’ra Cannon

At work? At the gym? At home?
Everywhere I go, I empowered by my hair; yet it holds no power itself. Together, my hair and I have overcome depression, anxiety, pusillanimity and self hate. I can admit, my hair, in its own right is a tough cookie. It endured the harsh chemicals, way to hot hot combs, too-tight braids and over manipulation just to become the most beautiful locks when I finally left it alone. As I plastered relaxer over natural roots, trying to escape … Read More »

Quadron & Coco Maja Hastrup Karshøj

20th March

Here’s nother group that’s been untainted by the forces of the industry. The Industry Tragedy = Execs who turn good music into popular music and those who allow the allure of fame to seduce them into accepting it. I discovered Quadron a few years ago. This magical duo consisting of Coco Maja Hastrup Karshøj and musician/producer Robin Hannibal make masterpieces. From time to time I’ll put their self entitled album on repeat. Their music is pure, without even a hint of mainstream music samples.

Today is a Quadron kinda day….

I also found a new song that Coco Maja Hastrup Karshøj lent her voice to. Yes, it’s in Danish. But it’s still velvety deliciousness. 


What I Know For Sure: The Truth

16th March

Don’t bury your wrong doings and plant tulips and daisies over them. The fruit of your works will eventually die before your eyes. #truth -KG
Remember when you created adventures at home as a kid? You created your own world, and objects such as lamps became trees and tables became rocks? What happened when the tree broke into pieces or the rock cracked in half? Did you fess up or cover up the evidence in shame? Well as a small child I covered it up, then I’d do something nice that I knew needed to be done (i.e. the dishes, take out the trash). My thought was that I had to do something to make what I did wrong look… not so wrong.

It’s just like a plant. If you plant a seed in bad soil, the tainted soil gets worse. It … Read More »

The Lazy Bantu Knot Out

14th March

It’s no secret that I’m a “lazy natural” I rarely do intricate styles with my hair. I have a life to live! But I really wanted to try a bantu knot out on blow dried hair. I haven’t done a bantu knot out/bun out in so long! Night before last I tried a bantu knot out on blow dried hair using Miss Jessies Curly Pudding. I put a lot of work into it. Probably made 20-25 knots. It was coo. LOL! I mean the volume was great, but I’d hoped for more definition. Plus, at the end of the day my hair felt quite dry from using the Pudding. So the next night I went back to what I know. To replenish my hair back to life I used Shea Mositure’s Curl &amp; Style Milk. I sectioned my hair into four with a … Read More »

ANNM: The Maroon Challenge

1st March


It’s taken me awhile to post on this last challenge because I needed to EXHALE from the fact of being done! LAWD, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I posted that profile a few months ago. It’s been a very long, enjoyable, difficult, super duper fun, exhausting, exhilarating, frustrating, wonderful journey!  

For this last challenge I awaited the clothing that I needed to complete the challenge. It never came. Um, yeah. So I was left with a wrap skirt. It has about 4 inches of fabric on the waist. It’s not intended to be shown, but covered by a top. Dun, dunna duuun! Kendyll Myles my stylist to the rescue! She came up with several different looks that were fashion forward and fabulous for the shoot. We kept in mind who and what we were trying to represent in this challenge. The … Read More »

ANNM: Accessories Challenge

22nd February

This week’s challenge was just that, a challenge. Wait…have I said that before? Well, it’s true!  There were times that I didn’t know if I could pull through this one. This week entailed shooting two days in a row.

Day 1: With a time consuming project at work I had to go in EXTRA early, and leave with enough time to catch the afternoon sunlight. I had spent the night before packing up everything my stylist (Kendyll Myles) and I had picked for  the shoot’s wardrobe. I was EXHAUSTED! After quickly applying my makeup I got dressed and drove to a muddy swamp in Detroit’s Belle Isle Park, the photographer’s choice for the location. I’m starting to realize that it is essential to TRUST your photographer. I trust his direction and ideas wholeheartedly, because I realize as a professional photographer he knows … Read More »

ANNM: The Valentine Challenge

13th February

This challenge was difficult for me for a completely different reason than last week. Inspiration, or lack thereof. I’m single, and this challenge called for happy bride looks, or seductive sassy looks. 

What do I know about being a happy bride? 
Who in the world do I seduce? 
No one.

So my feelings on how to approach this were all over the place. I usually focus on things that make me happy when posing. My turtle, the ocean, sunrays, Krispy Kreme donuts (original glazed). For this I could see myself thinking about those “happy times” in past relationships. But would that really be the right thing to do? I’ve moved on completely and pondering on what happened and what could have been would only leave my photos feeling empty and loveless. My take on the ‘L’ word right now is much like one … Read More »

ANNM: The Kynx Challenge

7th February

This week’s challenge was just that, a CHALLENGE. I recently developed allergies (runny nose and itchy eyes) and was miserable on the Friday before this shoot. I didn’t prepare any outfits and had NO idea where I would draw my inspiration from. That’s when God stepped in. I was in my new members’ class on Sat. morning (I just joined a church) and got a response from Timothy Paule, a photographer I had heard great things about. He confirmed availability for that day because of some cancelled appointments! God. I ran home, picked out some of my staple outfits (yes I wear this stuff on the regular) and jetted to his studio. My 1st REAL photoshoot! I was more nervous than confident, not to mention I felt horribly with my runny nose. But I wore the mask, and got through it. His direction … Read More »

UPLift: God’s Miracle in Rwanda

10th January

I’m reading Imaculee’s book, Left to Tell. It’s changing my life, and that’s not an understatement. Look out for an UpLift episode!

KG Featured on Essence’s Street Style

15th December

After an early meeting at work I checked my email to find a forwarded message from my friend KDizzle. The article is from Essence and surprisingly my face appears! I immediately freak out of course. It was my hope to make the cut for the online gallery when I was asked to take the picture, but to be the featured picture for the outgoing newsletter and the Essence homepage!?!?! Totally unexpected. Still so excited!

The event itself wasn’t what I expected. In my opinion there were more clothing and jewelry vendors than resources for naturals. 

Stage at the Black Girl Long Hair (BGLH) Christmas Fest in Chicago sponsored by Taliah Waajid

Vendors at the Black Girl Long Hair (BGLH) Christmas Fest in Chicago sponsored by Taliah Waajid 

I still loveeee being in the presence of women doing their own thing, rocking the hair that grows from their heads and working it! … Read More »

First Lady Obama Breaking Records

12th December

Have I mentioned how much I love my First Lady? She broke the world record with more than 300,000 kids for the most people doing jumping jacks in a 24 hour period!

I love her dedication to health and fitness awareness. She’s truly making history!

Click the pic to read the article from Yahoo! News



Peace & Blessings,


Wash ‘n’ Go: CES and CatWalk Curls Rock

12th December

More washing and going! LOL! I’m really loving my hair after the cut so the wash ‘n’ go has definitely become a staple style. This time I tried Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie (CES) and Olive Oil Eco-Styler on Day 1. To refresh the next day I used more CES and my Curls Rock styling cream from Cat Walk. I also tried stretching the hair at my roots by blow drying using a concentrator to get more volume and length and to cut down on the shrinkage. Each wash ‘n’ go gets better. Can’t WAIT until I have this style down. 

Videos of the process below! Once I perfect this I will post a tutorial. :)


Peace & Blessings!


I.M.A.G.I.N.E. Ceremony

12th December

One of my favorite girls KDizzleSheFresh mentors young adult women with an organization here in Detroit. When the mentoring program came to an end the girls were awarded with a ceremony. Love events like this and I’m looking forward to mentoring myself! :)

UPlift: Meeting the Legend-Dr.Cornel West

30th November

Dr. Cornel West came to the University of Michigan last night. He spoke very candidly about race matters (pun intended) in the US and internationally. The theme was “Making Race Heard” which was perfect for the present political climate the OCCUPY movement has created. The economic disparities that have gained so much attention effect Black and Brown communities disproportionately, and although Dr.West wasn’t sure where the movement is going next, he is sure it will be a movement of great proportion on a global level. 

 The BEST advice that I heard from this genius of a speaker was to “be an example”. Students who asked him questions and had dialogue with him were frustrated by the injustices they’ve witnessed. His advice was reassuring, hopeful, eloquent and humorous; the underlying answer for each question was to be an example. To show people how easy it is to do … Read More »

KG’s Fall/Winter LookBook

28th November

Here’s a sneak peek of the LookBook I just did. Really excited about the editing. Hopefully I can post by tonight!

UPLift: Break of Dawn

23rd November

These pictures are so reflective of how I feel and where I feel I am in my life. I’m looking forward to the future. To what’s to come. Heck, looking ahead so that I don’t crash my car! LOL! Looking with enthusiasm and excitement though. With all the changes that life brings, I’m so happy I’ve grown to thrive while adjusting

I love the sky. The sky for me is the ultimate humbler. That may sound strange, but think about it. When was the last time you took a look at the stars? In college to get away from everything I would drive to the beach (the darkest place I knew of around 3-4am) and just sit there and talk to God. Really though I was marveling. You can’t help but feel the immense POWER from the … Read More »

Seared Cod

23rd November

Grew sick of tilapia this week (NOTE: I no longer consume tilapia) so I tried some seared cod by lightly following a food network recipe. Planko (Japanese bread crumbs) are so versatile. I use them for my croquettes and to lightly cover fish or squash. Before I seared the cod I sauteed lots of sweet peppers and onions. Removed them from the pan to sear the belly side of the cod (as the recipe instructs), put the pan in the oven on 400 degrees, removed and let stand. 

I loved it. I want to try different spices next time (just did the black pepper and seal salt medley with a little thyme). If I had some fresh lemons, this dish would have really been a hit. I also roasted some asparagus and steamed some broccoli. My girls who were over for Monday … Read More »

Fit Natural Woes: Braid Out Maintenance

23rd November

If you follow me on twitter (@KG1913) you already know that I’m working out to lose weight and be healthier before my 28th Bday. I’m calling the whole preparation and party process NYC2012. One thing that has become an obstacle is keeping my hair in tact when working out. Natural textured hairstyles are much easier to maintain than straight styles. BUT the moisture from sweat can still attack your edges. I mentioned this in my update vid where I explained that I braided up my edges every night. Not anymore! I now use my silk scarf as a barrier to absorb the sweat. I take a shower immediately after my workout, cook and clean. Then I take the scarf off and prepare for bed using a different silk scarf to protect my hair at night. No re-braiding necessary!

Above: Last night just before working out.

Below:  This … Read More »

Baked Tilapia and Oven Roasted Veggies

17th November

I looooove this dish!

Recently I bought asparagus, brussel sprouts and sweet peppers in bulk from Costco. I’ve roasted a variety of them (with garlic added of course). This dish is so quick and easy. Definitely a 30-minute meal that’s DELISH! I wanted to incorporate cheese somehow so I just laid a slice of the Colby-Jack (I also bought in bulk at Costco) over each filet. the veggies are only roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper. Another staple dish!


Excited about the Cooking with KG Video Series….but which dish should I feature first?

Peace & Blessings,



Another Take: KG’s Braid & Curl

15th November

I’ve been wearing a braid out (15-20 plaits) for the last couple of weeks. I love the stretch that the braids give me. Previously though, I left the ends straight and towards the end of the style they started looking pretty sad. This time I tried to get just a slight curl on the ends using my flexi rods. I think this style looks different because I braided to the end of the plait instead of going for the super curl look featured in my Corinne Bailey Rae Inspired entry. My hope is that this gets bigger and bigger as the days go by!

I did this on co-washed hair with Giovanni Direct-Leave In and Shea Moisture’s Deep Treatment Masque. 

Only applied EVCO when I took it out this morning. If I had used it last night my hair would not be dry now. I’ll … Read More »

Wash ‘n’ Go using CatWalk!

1st November

I tried a wash ‘n’ go Saturday and it came out pretty poofy. I used CatWalk’s Curls Rock Curl Amplifier. It felt great going on but I had major shrinkage. I wore a bun all day Sunday and Monday. So last night after my workout I ran some water over it and tried adding two more pumps of the CatWalk. Bunned that up and slept on it. This morning my hair was still damp but by pulling it up in the bun while still wet I got a little bit of stretch (less shrinkage). Decided to rock this for today. I love the definition. Tonight I’m doing a flexi-rod set to prep for my trip home! It’s the best style because it requires even less maintenance than my flat ironed hair! 

OH and if you weren’t aware Shea Moisture is on sale again at … Read More »


31st October

Hair color, make-up, outfit. I love this model/picture! I found this on my tumblr log. When I’m working out 5 days a week I’ll keep this pic in mind. I’m on a mission to look great on my 28th Bday in NYC next year!

BOLD: Jackie Hill’s “My Life as a Stud”

25th October

One of my favorite poets at the moment. Love the poem and love the testimony afterwards.

Peace & Blessings,


The Wash ‘n’ Go after the CUT!

23rd October

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Natural Hairstyle File: 2 Plait Braid & Curl

11th October

Pure LAZINESS created this look. My wash day was Saturday. I attempted a wash ‘n go with Cantu Shea Butter and Olive Oil Eco-Styler Gel. FAIL! The cantu and the gel don’t work together well. I was a couch potato all Saturday so I just let it dry. Sunday for church I co-washed with Aussie Moist conditioner before church and pulled my hair back into a bun (no gel). Monday I wore the bun again. After my workout and MNF I got home and decided I was sick of the bun so I put my hair into two plaits (old and faithful style) with Direct Leave-In and EVCO and rolled the ends with a pillow roller. All in less than 10 minutes! I tied it down with a satin scarf last night of course. It was a little damp this morning but … Read More »

Flexi Rod Blues

11th October

A back-up plan is essential! LOL!

Make-up & Accessory Haul: MAC & XXII

8th October

A haul from months ago that I never put up. If you see some of these items in my upcoming Fall LookBook you’ll know where I got them! :)

Peace & Blessings,


Travel Showcase – Ethiopia

8th October

Here’s the video I created to showcase my trip to Ethiopia in April 2010. It’s now my unofficial home and I can’t wait until I’m ready to purchase land and build a home there!


30th September

I could literally wear ANYTHING from this store. I am addicted to the style. Its classy yet progressive and fun! Love, love, love Anthro. I will forever love the clothing here and feel as though I can wear their styles throughout the years. I picked through the sale rack and found a pleated skirt for work and a lovely textured sweater that I’ll also wear to work, but probably not together, LOL! I also signed up to receive their catalog and email updates. The “membership card” comes with a cute little pouch!

Isn’t the texture of this sweater just lovely? The skirt is made so well, its so official.

Stay tuned for more hauls!

Orzo and Crusted Cod

28th September

I really wanted to make a cool dish with the cod I got from Trader Joe’s last week. I looked up a recipe and got an idea for Encrusted Cod. I didn’t have bread crumbs but I had planko (I usually use for salmon croquettes). I slightly followed Rachel Ray’s recipe and made a garlic butter to dredge the cod in. Then I added the herbs and spices to the planko. I didn’t have high hopes when I placed the cod in the oven to roast.


Moisturizing Natural Hair

28th September

My Fav New Purchase: Loafers

26th September

I went to Famous Footwear last week to get a pair of boots, found some purple and gold flats (that I’ve since returned) but went to DSW to try my luck for some boots. I found these instead!

I ALWAYS go straight through the store to the Clearance section. Focused. My shoe size is 10 but I have a few pair of 11s. These are 11s but they are soooooo comfortable! Steve Madden loafers for $31.00 after the discount and tax. These will definitely become a staple in my wardrobe!

Peace & Blessings,



Arts & Crafts: Bangle Display

25th September

I’ve been meaning to create a way to display and store my bangle collection for awhile now. I purchased lace and fabric for it months ago! Finally set some time aside this past weekend and had some arts and crafts fun! I used a very sturdy cardboard cylinder from a rug I purchased from Pier 1. I cut it into two using my heavy duty chef knife. Measured, cut and glued! Then I realized that I didn’t have beads to secure them and keep them apart. I looked around and found some old and broken earrings that had bead-like components (lol). I tied them to some cheap ribbon from a used gift bag and VIOLA! 

 I am a little nervous about the ribbon, I might have to change it to a stronger material one day, but for now this works. I’m … Read More »

The Flexi Rod Set

19th September

One of my favorite styles to wear is a flexi rod set. It’s easy to maintain and lasts for at least a week. I love BIG hair so I continue to separate more day by day. Below you’ll find my Flexi Rod Set Series (Tutorials, Maintenance, BIG HAIR and Styling).


UPlift: Meeting the Legend-Anita Baker

11th September

So I have a secret. 

I had somewhat of a sheltered childhood. Music was a love of mine growing up. I was in the church choir every year. And I loved music in general. But the selection of music that I was privy to was very limited. Smooth Jazz. Yes, I was only permitted to listen to Smooth Jazz until I was in 10th grade. That’s my secret. Now, I loved the local smooth jazz channel. Kenny G, Sade, Anita Baker, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston and even Brandy were played. There were times when at slumber parties or just out with friends I’d get a taste of TLC, Monica, No Doubt, Blink 182, Green Day or Incubus. But I still loved my Smooth Jazz. You might ask, didn’t you just sneak and buy music that everyone else was listening to (Jodeci, … Read More »

My Daily Make-Up Routine

8th September

After a number of requests I decided to finally film my daily make-up routine. I was SO hesitant because I only like showcasing information I know a little something about. I know almost nothing about make-up. HA! I use basically every make-up product I own in this video. LOL! I’m learning little by little though and love watching YouTube tutorials on different looks (especially by Shirley B. Eniang, my favorite guru). Maybe something I say in this video will help some other newbie like me. After you watch, let me know if you have any suggestions for me! Be gentle.

Peace & Blessings

Skin Care:

St.Ive’s Apricot Scrub

Target Brand Witch Hazel

Trader Joe’s 100% Jojoba Oil


MAC ProLongwear Concealer – NW40 (Using 194 Special Edition)

Milani Brow Fix Brow Kit (CVS)- 01 Light

Milani Color Brilliance Eye Pencil – 02 Aqua

MAC Eye Liner – Smolder

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish … Read More »

Corinne Bailey Rae Inspired Hairstyle

6th September

So I’ve seen a few tutorials for the braid and curl on YouTube. 

I decided to try it using no gel or anything outside of my regular staple products: Giovanni’s Weightless Moisture Direct Leave-In Conditioner and Evco. 

How do you think it turned out?  

The tutorial is posted on The KG Lifestyle! So try it. You’ll probably love it like I did! This is a great transitioning hairstyle for ladies with straight ends like me. :)

Peace & Blessings,


Sade Inspired Look

6th September

Last night was unforgettable. I had so much fun at the Sade and John Legend concert! A bit emotional because I grew up (almost exclusively) on Sade’s music. LOL! To honor her I tried to channel her aura for my work outfit. Stay tuned for the OOTC (Outfit of the Concert) video on TheKGLifestyle!

Note: I posted this pic earlier. This is a side by side!












Stretching Natural Hair

6th September

The Banding Method is awesome! 

Easy to do to keep your hair detangled in its stretched state. I band in one, two and four ponytails depending on how stretched I want my hair and how lazy I am that particular wash day ;)

Give it a try! It might be your next go-to stretching technique.

Anticipating Goapele’s “Break of Dawn”

6th September

Goapele’s new single is currently on my radio. I’ve been a looooooong time fan since her debut. The new CD “Break of Dawn” is due out this Fall and I’m struggling to maintain patience waiting for it. 

Listen to her first single “Play” below and you’ll see why!

A blurry picture of Goapele and I in San Diego at her show promoting Change It All.

Graphic and Video Source:

UPlift: I Will Wait

2nd September

I was reminded by a friend today of what it means to be a single Christian woman. ANYday I feel weak or discouraged in lack of partnership, this video will put me back in the right mindset.

 My favorite line: 

“…And I will know you, because when you speak I will be reminded of Solomon’s wisdom”. PREACH! 

My hope is that the reader of this post and the viewer of this video is blessed and changed for the better.

Peace &Blessings,


My Musical Lovie: Dwele

1st September

At PV Lounge, Dowtown Detroit 2011


As I try to become acclimated to this new city of mine I attend social events here and there. Recently I went to an Estelle listening party at the PV Lounge in Downtown Detroit. To my SURPRISE I saw my lovie Andwele Gardner (for you non-obessive fans that’s Dwele) relaxin’, chillin at the bar. Everyone seemed so non-chalant. I didn’t get it. Does no one know of the magical creations he produces?  Old Lovas? My Lady? Is this mic ON? I was like OMG! Dwele! He’s always so nice and receptive of my giddiness (I’ve only met him personally once before). I kindly requested a photo with him. He mentions how short he feels beside my six feet 2 (with heels) stature. We have an in-depth conversation (not really, but I’m claiming it anyway). That’s … Read More »

Pasta, Pesto, Shrimp, Oh My!

30th August

Orecchiette pasta topped with sautéed Argentinian Red Shrimp, creamy Pesto Sauce with Tomatoes and Rosemary Spinach

I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious this was (tooting my own horn). I’ve been making homemade sauces since high school. I’ve pretty much mastered it and love creating variations of them. This time I used my regulars (parmesan cheese, onions and garlic), whole wheat flour and sour cream (instead of milk). Can you say SAUCY? I loved it. I also threw in a tablespoon of the pesto sauce I love from Trader Joe’s. The spinach was a perfect compliment. Yummy Yummy Yummy! Can’t wait to make this again. Next time I’m adding mushrooms!


Do you make sauces? What do you use?

Inspired Look: Dorothy Dandridge

30th August

I so love and admire Black actresses from the early-mid 1900′s. You have to admire the determination and the grace they portrayed while they endured the trials of the entertainment industry all those years ago. Dorothy Dandridge is a woman who definitely blazed the trail for every Black actress today.

I tried to re-create the look she had in these photos. What do ya think?

What’s in My Bag: Shirley B. Eniang Giveaway

30th August

Love the giveaway that Shirley B. Eniang is doing. The prizes are super cool. My favorite part of the gift set is the eyeshadow. If I win, it would be my first eyeshadow! Sad, I know.

 Welp, here it goes:

My favorite Bag or Purse is this multi-colored bag I got 3 or 4 years ago from Aldo.

It’s got teal, a vibrant red or magenta, yellow and brown. Love these colors together! Some days I wish I could turn it inside out because the lining is adorable as well!

If you follow my blog or watch my videos you know that I love versatility. This purse has clipped or hooked on handles, so I can take them off and add my own! A scarf or chain or anything I can fit through the holes would do.


Judging from these contents I’m quite boring actually…

 I’ve … Read More »

KG’s Summer Haul, Hairstyles and LookBook

30th August

Hope you’re inspired or can gather ideas from this video. I sit in a fairly cold office most of the week, so most styles are with pants/jeans/trousers. I do wear shorts and skirts though! LOL, Let me know if you’re interested in seeing some outfits with them!

Thrift Stores all in Royal Oak, MI:

Chocolate Vintage Shop
Lost &amp; Found Vintage

GAP sale was 50% off already marked down prices, YAY!

Peace & Blessings,

5 Hair Lessons Learned: Newbie Edition

30th August

What I’ve Learned

“Going natural” can be a daunting task. Although I transitioned by accident in 2002, I wasn’t caring for my hair properly until earlier this year (2011). My journey has been very rewarding, and as I continue to grow I learn more and more. Here are somethings I’ve learned.


OOTD: Spring Emerges

30th August


Photographer: My Mommy

Camera: My Mommy’s Nikon

Editing: None

Title Inspiration: The blooms of Spring in my neighborhood

Click here for the video!

OOTD: Earn My Affections

30th August

Camera: MacBook

Editing: iPhoto ’08

Title Inspiration: Amel Larrieux -’ Earn My Affections’ (Album: Morning)

Click here for the video!

OOTD: Comfy Edge

30th August

OOTD: Red Light

30th August



Drying My Hair

30th August

To dry my twist and curls, braid and curls, and flexi rod sets I use this dryer. It recently had a malfunction and I’ve yet to get it checked out. 

Other than that, I love it!

I also use Conair’s Ionic Ceramic Styler (1875 Watts). It’s a hand dryer I just purchased with a diffuser. I can’t wait to use it on a wash ‘n go!

Black & White

30th August

I wanted to highlight these earrings because I’ve gotten some questions about them. While in Dubai (click here for the Dubai Travel Showcase) I was shopping – OF COURSE! I picked these up at the Forever 21 thinking they would be unique. Six months later at the 21 in the Beverly Center, Beverly Hills, Ca I see the same ones. :-/  I had them first though! LOL!

Some New Things (GAP & Thrifted)

30th August

I’ve picked up some new things in the last couple of months. Love to thrift and I’m loving finding new stores. I’ve already got a list of favorites here in Detroit.

This shirt and cropped pant are actually from GAP in Buffalo, NY, BUT the purse was thrift here. LOTS more in a video I’ll be posting soon. Check out my YT channel for the deets! :)

I couldn’t leave with out this purse ($6). The owls made me want to “whooo, whooo” LOL!

Veggie Gratin & Brown Rice

25th July

I decided to go without a protein and cook a delicious veggie gratin. I re-mixed the recipe in my Vegetarian cookbook for a Zucchini Gratin.  It calls for 7oz of gruyere cheese and 2 eggs. I used spinach and lots of mushrooms. LOVED IT! 

UPlift: Another Poem by Janette..ikz

18th May

I re-visited “I Will Wait For You” by this poet today and found another one that I love as well. Her poems are always bold and unapologetic. They convict the listener with phrases backed by scripture and that is why I think her poems are so powerful.

Hope you enjoy!

Peace & Blessings,


On my Radio: Phony Ppl

18th January

It’s not everyday you hear something that makes you say “Hmmmm” or even “Mmmmmm”. This music made me say both. Over and over again. 

My favorites:

morninG light.

Save My Generation 

4 The 1st Time

Sometimes iii Think About You

Like the whole album actually. Loving the REAL instruments they use, and the vibe they give off. It’s like they are declaring: “Don’t you DARE put us in a genre, we just ARE”.

Officially Addicted.

 Peace & Blessings,



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